Fix: Snapchat keeps logging me out on Android [2024]

Fix Snapchat keeps logging you out on Android

Snapchat is a popular app that is used by millions of people around the world. It’s an app that allows you to send photos and videos (called snaps) to your friends. 

Snaps disappear after they’re viewed, but most users can also save them if they want to keep them forever. You can chat with your friends on Snapchat, too, or save your chats to review later.

However, some users have reported that Snapchat keeps logging them out of their accounts, which can be a nuisance. 

There are a few different ways to fix this problem but, before you try any of the fixes below, make sure that you’re running the latest version of Snapchat on your device by opening the App Store and checking for updates.

How To Fix Snapchat Keeps Logging Me Out

Start by closing the Snapchat app completely and then restarting it. If this doesn’t work and you keep being logged out every time you try to sign in, there may be a problem with your device. 

1. Uninstall and Reinstall Snapchat

Try uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat from your phone or tablet instead, as this will clear out any data stored about your account on that device.

If reinstalling the app doesn’t work, then you can try clearing the cache and data on Snapchat. 

Follow these steps:

Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps or Application Manager (depending on your device).

You’ll see all installed apps on your device. Tap on Snapchat > Storage > Clear Cache or Clear Data (or both). You should try clearing the cache and data if one doesn’t work for you.

2. Use Snapchat on a Wifi instead of Mobile Data

If you’re using Snapchat on mobile data instead of wifi, it could be the reason why Snapchat keeps logging you out. Your internet connection is poor and that’s why it is taking time to log in. Use Snapchat login over wifi to get rid of this issue.

3. Update your Android Device OS

If your android phone is not upgraded to the latest OS version, it could be the reason why Snapchat keeps logging out on your device. Update your Android device to the latest version to get rid of this issue.

4. Restart your device 

If you haven’t already done so, restarting your device may allow Snapchat to work properly again.

5. Verify Your Email Address in Settings

Sometimes due to security reasons, Snapchat tends to log out its users and ask them to verify their email addresses as well as their phone numbers again. This can happen because people create multiple accounts on Snapchat. 

The first thing that you should do when faced with such a problem is to go ahead and check your email address associated with your Snapchat account so that you can verify it again.

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