How To Delete Snapchat Account in 2024

Delete Snapchat Account

Here’s how to delete a Snapchat account. Two methods to delete Snapchat account permanently.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media with 240 million users all around the world. Nevertheless, due to other social platforms, you might be considering taking a break from your Snap life and have decided to delete your Snapchat account. Well, it’s not tough, you can easily put an end to your account and all your connections. 

Technically, as far as I can discern, there’s no way users can delete their Snapchat account through the mobile application. You have to visit the official Snapchat website to remove your account from the Snapchat main user database. 

So, how do you do that? The steps are explained below. 

You may also check out the video below addressing the same issue.


Steps To Delete Snapchat Account 

Follow the steps to delete your Snapchat Account. 

1. Go to the Snapchat delete account portal. 

2. Enter Username and Password

3. Type your Password again to verify your identity. 

4. Click Continue to delete your account. 

Once you delete your account, your friends won’t be able to contact you for the next 30 days after which Snapchat will remove your account from their user database forever. Indeed, you can get your account back if you sign within 30 days of deletion. 

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Alternate Method To Delete Snapchat Account 

If you are already signed in to your Snapchat account, follow the steps to reach the account deletion page. 

1. Under the Community column (page’s bottom), select Support

2. Click My Account & Security

3. Under Account Security, select Delete My Account. 

Rest things are similar to the method explained above. 

So, this is how you can quickly delete your Snapchat account. Don’t forget you will have 30 days or less to get your account back in case you want to reconsider your decision. 

That’s all! 

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