How to View and Download Venmo Bank Statements (2024)

View and Download Venmo Bank Statements

Venmo has become one of the most popular peer-to-peer payment apps, allowing you to easily send and receive money from friends and family.

As your Venmo account sees more transaction activity, you may want to view your full statement history and download bank statements for record keeping.

Fortunately, Venmo provides easy access to your past statements and lets you download them in PDF or CSV formats. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk through the steps to view and download your complete Venmo transaction history on desktop and mobile.

How to view Venmo Statements

Venmo statements give you a comprehensive log of all activity in your account, including sent and received payments, friend requests, added bank accounts or debit cards, and more.

You have a few options to access your full Venmo statement history:

View Statements on the Venmo Mobile App

The Venmo iOS and Android app provides statements from the past 12 months. To view:

  • Open the latest Venmo app and tap your profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap “Statements” on your account overview page.
  • Select a date range from the past 12 months to view that monthly statement.

You can scroll through the transactions, see totals by month, and tap any payment for additional details. The easy mobile access makes it quick to monitor Venmo activity.

View Statement History on the Venmo Website

For a longer history, the Venmo website provides access to 36 months of past statements. To view:

  • Go to and log into your account.
  • In the left sidebar menu, click “Statements”.
  • You’ll see the last 36 monthly statements available to view or download.

Select any statement from the past 3 years to see the full transaction details from that month. The website history allows much deeper analysis of spending patterns over time.

Download Past Statements as PDFs

To save or print your Venmo transaction history, you can download monthly statements as PDF files:

  • On the website or mobile app, open the statement you want to download.
  • Click the “Download” or “Share as PDF” button at the top.
  • The PDF will download to your device for easy saving and sharing.

The downloaded PDFs contain full statement details that you can print or attach to emails. This makes it easy to share Venmo histories with tax prep services, accountants, or for personal finance tracking.

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Download Venmo Transaction History as CSV Files

For importing your Venmo data into finance apps or spreadsheets, you can download statements in CSV format:

Download CSV Files on the Venmo Website

  • Log into your account on and access your statements.
  • Click the “Download CSV” button at the top of any statement.
  • The CSV file will download, allowing you to open it in Excel or another program.

Get CSV Statements on Mobile

  • In the Venmo app, tap your profile and go to Statements.
  • Select the statement date range you want to export.
  • Tap the “Share Statement” button.
  • Choose CSV as the file type to download.

The CSV statements include key details on the transactions like date, description, amount, and payer/payee. This makes it easy to analyze your Venmo spending history.

Viewing Venmo Statements on a Computer

Many find it easier to review Venmo transaction history on a larger screen. You can conveniently access statements on your computer by:

  1. Go to and click “Sign in” at the top right.
  2. Entering your Venmo username/email and password to log in.
  3. Click “Statements” in the left sidebar menu.
  4. Pick any monthly statement to view all transactions from that period in detail.
  5. Use the “Download” buttons to save statements as shareable PDFs or analyzable CSVs.

The desktop experience also makes printing Venmo statements easy for personal files or taxes.

Adjusting Your Venmo Statement Settings

Venmo allows you to manage your statement delivery preferences under account settings:

On Desktop: Go to and click Settings > Statement Settings

On Mobile: Tap your profile > Settings > Statement Settings

You can choose:

  • Paperless – Get email statements instead of mailed paper copies.
  • Disabled – Opt out of getting any emails or paper statements. Still viewable on Venmo.
  • Monthly – Have paper statements sent to your address each month.

Disabling statements can reduce clutter while still allowing you to access history online. Consider going paperless to save paper.

How Long Does Venmo Provide Statement History?

Venmo gives access to past statements based on these timeframes:

  • Venmo App: 12 months of statement history available.
  • Venmo Website: 36 months of statements available to view and download.

So while the mobile app only shows your last 12 statements, the Venmo website provides over 3 years of transaction history.

Venmo has not provided specific details on how far back statements can be downloaded or how long they keep statement history in their systems.

To be safe, you should download any old Venmo statements you think you may need in the future, especially for tax purposes. Venmo may delete older data after some time.

Use Venmo Statements for Budgeting and Finance Tracking

With access to all your Venmo transaction details, you can put your statement history to work for your personal finances:

  • Review monthly Venmo statements to analyze your spending patterns and trends over time. Look at categories, merchants, amounts, and frequency.
  • Match up Venmo payments against your credit/debit card statements to improve visibility into your total monthly spending and cash flow.
  • Export Venmo data into budgeting and finance apps like Mint, Personal Capital, You Need a Budget, etc to consolidate your finances in one place.
  • Compare Venmo monthly totals to your income, bills, and other expenses. Make adjustments to ensure your Venmo spending aligns with your overall budget and financial goals.
  • Use Venmo histories to create monthly and annual budgets tailored to your actual spending needs. Budget categories based on past Venmo transactions.
  • Consult Venmo before tax time to catch payments you may need to report as income, business expenses, deductions, or gifts.

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Get Support Accessing Venmo Statements

If you ever have issues viewing your Venmo statement history or downloading your statements, Venmo’s customer support team can help troubleshoot:

  • App or website errors loading statements
  • Problems downloading statements as PDFs or CSV files
  • Certain statements missing from the available date ranges
  • Forgotten Venmo password preventing account access

You can reach out to Venmo support for statement help through:

  • In-app chat: Tap your profile > Help > Contact Us > Chat
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (US): 1-855-812-4430

Venmo’s customer service can restore access to your account, recover missing statements, and ensure your complete transaction history is available for personal finance management.


With Venmo being such a popular peer-to-peer payment app, it’s important to periodically review your statement history and download records for safekeeping. Venmo makes it relatively easy to access up to 3 years of past statements on the website, along with 12 months of history on mobile.

Using your Venmo transaction data can provide valuable insights into your spending habits and budgets over time. Be sure to download any old Venmo statements you may need for taxes, accounting, or personal finance tracking before they become unavailable. With your complete payment history, you can closely analyze your money activity and make informed decisions.

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