Venmo Won’t Let Me Add My Debit Card (Fixed)


Debit card is one of the most important things for modern people. If you don’t have a debit card, your life becomes really hard. 

In this blog, we will tell you about Venmo not letting you add your debit card.

We will also share solutions to problems that you may face when using Venmo.

So if Venmo won’t let you add your debit card, don’t worry, we have the solutions for you. Read on to learn more!

Fix: Venmo won’t let me add my debit card

If you’re having trouble adding your debit card to your Venmo account, there may be a problem. 

In some cases, Venmo may authorize the card after a period of time, or it may be easier to troubleshoot the issue by phone. 

Venmo doesn’t allow users to add more than four cards within six months of the previous one. Even if you try to delete the fourth card, Venmo won’t let you add a new one until six months have passed. 

If this isn’t the reason Venmo is preventing you from adding a card, it might be because banks don’t want their customers to have too much money on the app or because Venmo itself wants to keep its system secure.

If that doesn’t work, try adding another type of payment – like PayPal – in case Venmo still isn’t working properly. 

If you’re completely stuck, reach out to Venmo customer service for assistance. They’re always happy to help out!

1. Reached Card Limit

It’s frustrating when Venmo won’t let you add your debit card – what do you do? If you’ve reached your debit card limit, the first thing to do is try turning off Venmo payment notifications. 

This way, you’ll still be able to make transactions, but you won’t be alerted in advance. If that doesn’t work, remove any unused cards from your account and add new ones that have available funds. 

If that still doesn’t solve the issue, reach out to Venmo support to change your PIN or set up a security code for transactions. If none of these solutions work, consider looking into another funding source like PayPal or Square Cash. 

It can be tough to switch to a new funding method, but it’s worth it in the end to avoid account closure.

Venmo does not allow users to add more than four cards in a six-month period. If a user tries to delete the fourth card and add another, he or she will be prevented from doing so for six months. 

This could be due to security concerns from the bank or Venmo itself; it is uncertain at this time which of these is responsible for this limitation.

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2. Lack of Funds In Your Account 

Sometimes the simplest things can become a big headache. That’s the case with Venmo – a great way to pay friends and family. 

But, like all good things, there are bound to be times when things go wrong. In this article, we’ll be addressing the most common issues users run into when trying to add their debit card to their Venmo account. 

We’ll also provide tips on how to fix the problem, as well as instructions on how to contact Venmo customer service if all else fails. So, don’t wait – get started fixing those pesky Venmo issues today!

3. Your Card May Be Blocked

If you’ve ever tried to add your debit card to your Venmo account, you know it can be a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to unblock your card and continue using Venmo as usual. 

First, call Venmo customer service. They’ll be able to help you out and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If that doesn’t work, contact your bank. Explain the situation to them and ask them if they can unblock your card. 

If you still can’t seem to fix the issue, there are other payment methods you can try. One option is to use PayPal or Square Cash. 

Finally, if all else fails, you can use another method like cash or a check. Once the block is lifted, you’ll be able to continue using Venmo as usual!

4. Server-Related Issues

If you’re having trouble adding your debit card to Venmo, there might be a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. 

First, try restarting your computer and/or refreshing the page in question. If that doesn’t work, reach out to customer service for assistance. 

They should be able to help you out! If all else fails, you can try borrowing money from a friend or family member who has Square up. 

So whatever the issue may be, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. It could be the difference between getting your account sorted out and having to start from scratch.

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5. Wrong Billing Information

If you’re having trouble adding your debit card to Venmo, there may be a problem with the billing information on your account. Check to make sure all of the necessary info is correct – this could include your name, address, and account number. 

If everything looks good but Venmo still won’t let you add your card, try contacting customer service. If that doesn’t work, try contacting the bank that issued your debit card in order to fix any errors on their side. 

If that still doesn’t work, consider using another payment method like PayPal or Square Cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Problem adding debit card. Suggestions? : r/venmo

If you’re having problems adding your debit card to Venmo, it’s probably because your bank doesn’t have authorization from Venmo. In this case, you may need to reach out to customer support and explain the situation. 

If you added the card to Venmo but the problem persists, then one possible solution is to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

However, if you’re using a credit card or another bank-sponsored debit card, then there may be additional steps involved in order for Venmo to process payments. 

For example, if you’re using a credit card, make sure that the card is linked with your bank account and that the card’s account has been updated with the correct bank account details.

Why is Venmo declining my debit card?

Venmo is a payment service that allows people to easily send and receive money with their friends. 

Unfortunately, debit cards are not accepted as a form of payment on Venmo. There are a few things you can do in order to workaround this issue: try using your credit card, inputting the account number manually, or transferring money through PayPal.

Is there anything I can do if Venmo won’t let me add my debit card to my account?

If you’re having trouble adding your debit card to Venmo, there are a few possible solutions. First, you can try contacting customer service and explaining the issue. 

They may be able to help you out by manually entering your bank account information or transferring money from another account onto your Venmo account. 

Alternatively, you may be able to add your debit card by connecting it through another app like Square Cash or PayPal. Both of these apps allow you to easily add your bank account information and make payments with your debit card.


If Venmo won’t let you add your debit card, there is probably one of five things going on. In this blog, we will outline each of these possibilities and provide tips on how to fix the problem. 

Make sure to bookmark this page and keep it handy, as you might encounter this issue during your next Venmo transaction. Thanks for reading!

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