19 Restaurants That Accept Venmo Near Me [2024]

Restaurants That Accept Venmo Near Me

As mobile payments gain momentum, more restaurants now accept Venmo for customer checks. Venmo’s peer-to-peer functionality allows dining companions to easily split bills or pay friends back.

Meanwhile, Venmo’s smooth QR code checkout beats the old cash or card payment rigamarole.

Both industry chains and local eateries enable Venmo acceptance, trying to meet shifting consumer preference towards app-based payments.

Tech-savvy diners like you can now conveniently tap and pay restaurant bills directly from their smartphone device.

So exactly which restaurants facilitate Venmo? And how do customers pay with their Venmo app at dining spots supporting this emerging payment trend? This comprehensive guide answers key questions on paying with Venmo at restaurants.

How To Pay Your Bill With The Venmo App

First, a quick how-to for paying your meal tab via Venmo:

  1. When your check comes, open your Venmo app and select “Pay”.
  2. Choose “Scan Code” and point your phone camera at the QR code printed on the receipt/table tent.
  3. The restaurant’s unique Venmo username will automatically load. Verify the amount.
  4. Select your chosen payment method linked to your Venmo wallet.
  5. Finalize the transaction by tapping “Pay”. Just like that, your share is complete!

The funds instantly transfer to the restaurant for fast, contactless payment. Expect the typical detailed receipt through email or text as well.

As you can see, guests can complete Venmo payments in just seconds without waitstaff intervention. So which popular chains hop on this restaurant industry trend?

Major Restaurant Brands Accepting Venmo Nationwide

An array of large restaurant brands already embrace Venmo through displayed QR codes, payment tablets/kiosks, or cashier processing. Those accepting Venmo payments include:

  1. Applebee’s
  2. Shake Shack
  3. Subway
  4. Chick-Fil-A
  5. Taco Bell
  6. California Pizza Kitchen
  7. Panera Bread
  8. Popeyes
  9. Katz’ Deli
  10. Halal Guys
  11. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  12. Wendy’s (at participating locations)
  13. McDonald’s (at participating locations)
  14. Starbucks (at participating locations)
  15. Chipotle (at participating locations)
  16. Jimmy Johns (at participating locations)
  17. Noodles & Company (at participating locations)
  18. Dairy Queen (at participating locations)
  19. Five Guys (at participating locations)

Additionally, the list grows daily as restaurants respond to shifting payment preferences.

If I missed any restaurant, please let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Independent & Local Spots Using Venmo Too

Beyond big chains accepting Venmo, small independently-owned cafes, burger joints, bars, and family restaurants do too.

By accepting Venmo, local restaurants appeal to younger foodies who prefer to pay by app when meeting up with friends.

To discover neighborhood eateries using Venmo, look for window/door signs, check their websites, or simply ask your server upon ordering.

Many passionate restaurant owners happily promote their technological capabilities including Venmo acceptance.

How To Find Restaurants Accepting Venmo Nearby

Want to uncover which bistros, grills, cafes, or food trucks in your area accept Venmo? Use these pro tips:

  • In the Venmo app, search “Restaurants” and enter your city or zip code
  • Look for “We Accept Venmo” stickers on restaurant entryways
  • Check restaurant websites or social media for Venmo acceptance
  • Ask servers at recently visited restaurants if they accept Venmo
  • Google search “_ city name_ restaurants that take Venmo”
  • See if your receipt shows a Venmo QR code next meal out

With various online and visual clues plus asking dining staff, locating Venmo-enabled establishments near you becomes super easy.

Reasons customers love paying meals with Venmo – and you should too

Why do restaurant goers increasingly ask “Can I pay with Venmo here?” or specifically seek out eateries accepting the peer-to-peer app?

Paying by Venmo offers worthwhile conveniences:

  • Instantly Split Uneven Bills: Calculate and charge friends appropriate shares.
  • Tap to Pay Efficiency: Skip chip inserts or signature scribbles.
  • Added Security: Keep credit cards in your wallet rather than hand them to the server.
  • Bill Reminders: See friends who owe you for the last dinner right in Venmo.
  • Cashless Life Integration: Customers without physical cash can still pay bills.

From simplified uneven split payments to cashless flexibility to billing clarity, Venmo delivers worthwhile benefits diners love. It’s these app advancements that keep the restaurant Venmo adoption growing.

Wrapping it up:

Industry experts predict peer-to-peer payment apps like Venmo soon becoming a standard restaurant payment method.

The accelerating shift away from physical cash and cards suits mobile-based solutions for faster dining experiences. Customers input payment without relying on waitstaff availability. Restaurant operators also pay fewer processing fees on Venmo transactions.

The win-win incentive and larger adoption among tech-savvy generations signal digital wallets as the future, including at restaurants. Venmo acceptance doesn’t appear as just a passing fad but rather lasting change in how consumers pay dining checks.

The options keep expanding too. Chains like Dairy Queen, Five Guys, and Noodles & Company recently joined the restaurant Venmo train, understanding its necessity to suit customer payment evolution. Don’t be surprised if one day soon you find more eateries accepting Venmo than not.

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