How to fix Messenger Not Showing Notifications Android in 2024

Fix Messenger Not Showing Notifications

Messenger Not Showing Notifications. Why notifications are not showing in the Messenger app. Facebook Messenger is not showing notifications – how to fix it. Solve Messenger Not Showing Notifications.

Messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms because of web messaging and video calling as a standalone app like WhatsApp. But few users have also reported that sometimes Messenger does not show notifications on Android. There are many reasons. Therefore, in this article, I am going to discuss workarounds to solve the issue. 

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Solved: Facebook Messenger Not Showing Notifications 

1. Update Messenger App 

The first thing you should do is to check if there is any update available for the Messenger app or not. Make sure to use the latest version of the app if you want it to deliver notifications properly on your phone. 

2. Turn Off Battery Optimization

Battery optimization causes apps to close off themselves, so it may be the same issue with your device. Don’t let the battery optimize the Messenger app so that it can show notifications. You can find Power Saver under app info in your device settings. 

Turn Off Battery Optimization

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3. Reinstall Messenger App 

You might also try reinstalling Facebook Messenger and installing the latest version. Sometimes corrupt files lead to notifications not showing permanently, hence reinstalling might help as well. Avoid downloading and installing the app from the internet, as it might not be authentic. You know what I mean. Use Google Play Store. 

4. Unmute Conversations

Have you muted conversations in your Messenger app? If yes, therefore it will not show any notifications until you unmute them. You might have received messages but due to muting, it didn’t notify you. 

Here’s how to unmute someone or conversations on Messenger. 


5. Check Notification Settings 

Make sure you have allowed notifications from the Messenger app. If not, don’t expect any kind of message alerts from the app. 

Here’s how to allow notifications.

1. Open Settings

2. Follow the path: App Management > App List > Messenger

3. Click Manage Notifications

4. Now, Allow Notifications.

6. Don’t Quick Freeze Messenger

Android OS has the functionality to quick-freeze apps to optimize battery to enhance overall device performance. Don’t freeze the Messenger app otherwise, it won’t be able to run in the background or when the phone is turned off, resulting in no notifications. You’ll find the App Quick Freeze inside the battery settings. 

7. Don’t Restrict Background Data Usage 

If the app is blocked from using background data, it won’t notify you when somebody sends you a message. Whether it’s Gmail or Facebook Messenger, you should not restrict them from using background data for steady messages flowing. 

Here’s how to check. 

1. Long press Messenger Icon

2. Tap App info

3. Go to Data usage details

4. Enable Data usage

Don't Restrict Background Data Usage

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8. Flush Cache & Data 

You can also delete the cache and data of the app. This way you wouldn’t have to follow method 3. Also, vanishing cache removes corrupted files (if any) and fixes the issue of the notification. 

1. Long press Messenger Icon

2. Tap App info.

3. Click Storage usage.  

4. Clear Cache and Data

Messenger Not Showing Notifications. Why notifications are not showing in the Messenger app. Facebook Messenger is not showing notifications – how to fix it. Solve Messenger Not Showing Notifications.

Conclusion: So, this is how to fix Facebook Messenger not showing notifications on Android. These are all methods I’m familiar with. Probably one of the methods spoken of should work for you. If not, comment below.  

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