How To Hide or Disable WhatsApp Web Notification

How to Hide WhatsApp Web Notification

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So you have just scanned the WhatsApp Web QR code through your mobile and just after connecting to WhatsApp on the smartphone you discovered the notification showing “WhatsApp Web is currently active”.

So you’ve tried to remove the notification, but it’s just stuck there and making sound alerts in a minute or two. That’s a bit much and annoying at the same time.

Don’t worry, I have the solution by which you can remove the unwanted notifications. Actually, the answer is in your device itself. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, you can always remove the unwanted notifications from any app.

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How to Disable WhatsApp Web Notification

To hide WhatsApp Web notification on mobile, follow the steps given below.

How to hide whatsapp web notification in android.

Method 1 to Disable WhatsApp Web on Android

My Device is based on Android Version 9. You’ll find similar options in Android 10 and iOS.

  1. Open your device ‘Settings’.
  2. Then search ‘App Management‘ or where you can find all installed apps on your device.
  3. Now, search for ‘WhatsApp‘, click on the icon.
  4. So, there you’ll find all the options of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Permission, WhatsApp Auto Startup, etc. But just select ‘WhatsApp Notifications‘ or ‘Notifications‘.
  5. So after entering the notifications section, you’ll find lots of options, search for ‘Other Notifications‘ and click on that.
  6. So, at last, just disable the ‘Allow Notifications‘ options and you’re all done.

Method 2 to Hide WhatsApp Web on Android

This is really a simple method:-

  1. Long press ‘WhatsApp app‘.
  2. Select ‘App info‘.
  3. Manage Notifications > Other Notifications.
  4. Now, uncheck ‘Allow Notifications‘.

Now you’ve successfully turned off WhatsApp Web notification on android, now you can use the WhatsApp with no interruption.

But you’ll still get notifications for all other important messages such as call alerts, messages, etc.

How to Stop WhatsApp Web Notification via Desktop

To disable notifications such a desktop sound, and alerts, use these settings.

  1. Open ‘WhatsApp‘ on Desktop.
  2. At the top right corner, select ‘Three dots‘.
  3. Choose ‘Settings‘.
  4. Now, select ‘Notifications
  5. Uncheck your ‘Desired options’.

Finally, these were simple tips to turn off WhatsApp Web notification, if you know any other method, comment below!

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      1. My phone’s qr code has been scanned to another’s computer without my knowledge and my privacy has been breached. I tried to disable whatsap web but the steps given cannot be followed cos I dont know which computer has it. All I know is that everytime I send or receive a message someone else gets to know about it and I’m being harassed for it. Please help me have my account under my control.

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