How to Fix Samsung Washer UB Error Code (Guide) 2024

The frustrating UB error code popping up on your Samsung washing machine indicates an unbalanced load has been detected. While this issue seems serious, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try yourself before calling a repair company. 

In many cases, simply redistributing the weight inside the drum or ensuring the device itself sits level is enough to stop the UB error code and get your washer running again.

What Triggers the Dreaded UB Code?

The main drive motor and control board in Samsung washers use sensors to monitor tub vibration and rotation. When movement seems off, an unbalanced load is likely to be blamed. Specifically, you’ll encounter the UB error when:

  • Clothes are tangled up or bunched to one side of the drum
  • Too many items have been loaded into the tub
  • There’s not enough weight spread evenly in the wash basket
  • The washing machine frame does not sit level on the floor

The UB error code also shares similarities with error codes U6, UE, 1Ub, and 1U6 that may be displayed in other models of Samsung washers.

The troubleshooting tips in this guide apply to most Samsung top-load and front-load washing machine models produced in recent years. Specifically, the UB error code fix works for Samsung washer model numbers beginning with:












So check your user manual or the label on the back of your machine to see if your model number starts with one of those prefixes.

Step-by-step fixes for the UB Error

Before making an appointment for expensive washer repairs, try these simple troubleshooting tips to resolve an unbalanced load error:

1. Redistribute the Laundry Properly

Open the washer and check for situations where laundry is tangled up or piled unevenly within the basket. Unravel any knotted clothing and make sure everything lays flat, spread out over the bottom of the tub.

While you’re at it, check for stray shoelaces, drawstrings, or ribbons that could get caught in the central agitator during washing. Fasten these loose items to ensure they don’t throw off balance.

You may also need to add or remove laundry items to optimize the weight inside the drum. Overloading causes friction between clothes and throws off the spin rhythm. Too few small items can produce the same effect by allowing space for them to shift locations.

2. Power Cycle the Samsung Washer

After correcting the positions of clothes inside and removing or adding pieces as needed, close the lid and power cycle your washer. Unplug the machine for 5 full minutes before connecting it again. This essentially functions as a reset button, often clearing control errors that can mistakenly trigger the UB code.

Run an empty rinse or quick spin cycle following this power reset to determine if the error returns when no load imbalance is present.

3. Ensure a Level Washing Machine

While load distribution inside the drum plays a role, the washer frame being out of level can also display UB errors. Place a bubble-level tool on top of the machine, checking the orientation front-to-back and side-to-side.

Make tiny leg height adjustments at each corner with the lock nuts underneath the washer base until the bubble floats perfectly centered on the level. Tighten lock nuts snugly so adjustments stay put going forward. Consider slipping rubber grip pads under the front leveling legs as well if your machine sits on a slippery floor that allows slight shifting side-to-side. Even a minor lean can prompt UB errors.

4. Inspect Components That Impact Balance

For front-loading washing machines, also do a quick check that shock absorbers fastened along the frame make solid contact both top and bottom. These provide stabilization as the tub revolves rapidly. If you notice liquid leaking out of one, this dampening failure would certainly upset the machine balance.

Peer underneath your Samsung washer while leveling legs anyway to check for any suspension springs attached to the outer tub and frame that may have failed. Additionally, a few top-loading models utilize thick rubber dampening straps in each corner that you can visually inspect for cracking or loosening over time.

Finally, bearings allow the inner tub to spin smoothly and quietly around the drive motor shaft. If growling or grinding noises now emanate from your machine, worn-out bearings could be enabling metal components to make contact. However, bearings positioned internally behind the tub may be difficult to inspect without some disassembly.

When Repair Service Becomes Necessary

While most instances of Samsung washers displaying UB errors stem from simple FIXES around balancing the tub load properly or leveled placement of the machine frame, mechanical or electrical failures can also be the root cause in some situations.

If all troubleshooting steps outlined above fail to permanently stop the UB error from popping up mid-cycle, contact a Samsung technician right away to diagnose what piece of your washer requires professional service or replacement. Continuing to run a severely unbalanced machine can risk gearbox damage and other harmful overloads to wash components.

I hope these tips help get to the bottom of pesky balance errors without breaking the bank on premature washer repairs or replacement! Let us know if repositioning laundry, power cycling the device, and checking for level placement stop that UB code in its tracks.

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