List of 9 Celebrities That Use Venmo (2024)

Celebrities That Use Venmo

Have you ever wondered if your favorite celebrity uses Venmo just like everyone else? With Venmo continuing to gain popularity, even the rich and famous have created accounts to send payments and split costs.

While celebrities generally keep their information private, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted Venmo activity from stars like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz, and more.

Celebrities That Use Venmo

Keep reading for a deep dive into the celebrity Venmo accounts that have come to light and why it offers a fascinating glimpse into how the other half lives.

Taylor Swift

Easily the most publicized celebrity on Venmo is none other than the pop icon Taylor Swift. When the COVID-19 pandemic devastated jobs and incomes in 2020, many fans reached out to Swift over social media detailing their sudden financial hardships.

Ever the charitable superstar, Swift sent relief money to several fans facing employment loss, health expenses, or other critical money troubles.

One fan named Holly Turner posted on Tumblr that she could no longer afford rent or groceries. Swift swiftly sent $3,000 to provide urgent help.

Another fan named Samantha Jacobson received $3,000 from Swift after losing her job as a cocktail lounge waitress with all bars closed down.

While you likely won’t catch mundane daily payments on Swift’s profile, her account offers hope she may again generously donate to support struggling fans during trying times.

Ariana Grande

Pop powerhouse Ariana Grande has also been known to directly help fans in financial despair. At the start of the pandemic in March 2020 when uncertainty ran high, Grande reportedly reached out to over 20 fans asking how she could assist them.

One grateful fan explained they could no longer afford essential prescription insulin with prices skyrocketing. Grande quickly sent funds to cover the vital medication for an extended period.

Another fan revealed that losing their job meant they couldn’t pay upcoming bills. Grande forwarded money equaling the fan’s entire monthly salary to handle their fixed costs.

Though Grande understandably keeps her Venmo transactions private these days, her past relief payments clearly demonstrate the app’s usefulness for celebrities providing direct aid.

Kellan Lutz

Actor Kellan Lutz is also among the celebrity ranks using Venmo to maintain friendships – specifically for basketball betting based on fan findings. One user discovered Lutz hides under the alias “Sebastian,” which he reportedly also used on dating apps seeking privacy.

His Venmo activity? Sending payments to place wagers with buddies on NBA game spreads and over/unders.

While Lutz lacks excessive bling purchases on his transactions, it’s still fun imagining celebrities using the app for the same friendly bets and paybacks that occupy our everyday digital wallets.

Kristen Stewart

Unlike Grande and Swift’s overt philanthropy, other celebrities seem to use Venmo just like the rest of us – to casually pay people back for minor purchases. Case in point: actress Kristen Stewart.

One fan happened to come across Stewart’s alleged Venmo account with very mundane transactions. The only activity? Stewart paying her hairstylist for an unspecified service. Just a famous friend supporting another small business!

Despite being a hugely successful actress headlining major blockbusters, even Stewart apparently uses Venmo for everyday expenses like salon visits.

Zoe Kravitz

Similar to Stewart, actress Zoe Kravitz appears to use Venmo strictly for basic costs and pay backs between friends.

One fan spotted Kravitz sending money to repay celebrity pal Samantha Urbani for some unknown fun purchase. Likely concert tickets, a cocktail night out, or some other casual splurge.

Kravitz also used Venmo to pay her stylist for “the most epic braids ever!” It seems when not dazzling red carpets, even celebrities use Venmo just like us normals – splitting girlfriend dates or treating their glam squad.

More Stars Potentially Spotted on Venmo

Beyond the confirmed celebrity sightings above, eagle-eyed fans speculate a few other stars likely have active Venmo accounts too:

Sofia Richie: Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia supposedly uses Venmo to interact with an exclusive circle of celebrity pals, like models Anwar Hadid and Bella Thorne. Must be nice splitting that famous friend group’s dinner tab!

Patrick Schwarzenegger: One user caught Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick linked to a Venmo payment labeled as paying back a friend for a trendy SoulCycle spin class.

Ashley Benson: The Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson was spotted repaying actress Troian Bellisario for an unspecified trip together, likely a getaway or bachelorette weekend.

Tallulah Willis: Demi Moore’s daughter Tallulah reportedly uses cute emojis to label funny reasons for payments on Venmo to friends.

Emily Ratajkowski: Model Emily Ratajkowski has paid and received several small mystery amounts from friends.

So whenever idly flip through public Venmo feeds, keep watch for celebrity lookalikes potentially hiding in plain sight.

While no rules prohibit asking celebrities for money through Venmo, it’s best not to flood famous accounts with requests. Stars don’t owe handouts to random fans online.

But the most important lesson from celebrity Venmo activity remains: lock down your account privacy!

Even if you lack fame and fortune, fraudsters constantly search open Venmo payments seeking sensitive details for scams. Apply celebrity-level security to all your transactions.

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Should You Ask Celebrities for Money on Venmo?

With the knowledge that stars like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have sent money to fans, you might be tempted to reach out on Venmo yourself. However, it’s best not to bombard celebrity accounts asking for handouts.

Without that blue verification checkmark, there’s no guarantee you have found the real celebrity. Many fake accounts mimic stars to appear credible. Plus, celebrities don’t owe fans money simply because they have wealth and fame.

That said if you happen to spot Swift or Grande donating to followers again, polite and genuine requests aren’t against Venmo policy. Just don’t get your hopes up for a big payday haha 🙂

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