Fix: Google Nest error N262 (Solved) 

If your Google Nest Thermostat displays an N262 error code, check the battery level. You may need to replace the outdated batteries if that’s the case.

The Nest Thermostat is a smart thermostat made by Tony Fadell, a former Apple computer engineer. It lets you program the temperature in your home to automatically adjust when you’re asleep or awake, turning down the heat when you’re away and saving energy.

Now, a few users have reported Google Nest shows error N262. 

Check out our guide to fix Google Nest error N260 if that code also shows up. 

Well, how do we solve this problem? Let’s see. 

How do I fix Google Nest Thermostat error N262? 

If you find an E296 or N262 on the thermostat, check to see whether the batteries are low and replace them if necessary.

To prevent this from happening again, you may need to install a Nest Power Connector or C-wire. 

Well, what is that? 

If your thermostat’s battery drains too quickly or Wi-Fi is constantly disconnecting, you can fix the issue by connecting a common wire (C wire) or installing the Nest Power Connector. Here’s the installation guide

You can choose either one to keep your Nest thermostat up and running when your home’s power supply is inconsistent.

You can install the power connector on your own, or you can hire a pro.

Another possible reason may be that your thermostat is out of date.

To update Nest, go to your thermostat screen and hit Settings > Nest settings > Software > Update.

Also, update the wiring info for your thermostat. 

Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. At the top right, tap Settings > Thermostat > Wiring > Update wiring. Enter the correct wiring information.

That’s a wrap. We hope you found this article helpful. For more information on the Nest error N262, check out this page by Google. 

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