How to fix Google Nest error N260 (2024)

How to fix Google Nest error N260 [Solved] 

Google Nest error N260 means a C wire or Nest Power Connector is required for your thermostat. 

The Nest Thermostat is one of the first smart thermostats, and it’s made by Tony Fadell, an Apple computer engineer. 

It can be programmed to automatically adjust home temperatures when you’re asleep or awake, turning down the heat when you’re away and saving energy.

Now, a few users have reported Google Nest is showing error N260. 

For example, on Reddit…

Well, how do we solve this problem? Let’s see. 

How do I fix Google Nest Thermostat error N260? 

To keep your Nest thermostat working at its best, you need to wire it with a C-wire. The C-wire provides electricity directly from the cables connecting your heating and cooling system to power your Nest device.

And if you are getting N260 error code, it might be because your thermostat does not have a C wire or the Nest Power Connector might be receiving insufficient power.

One possible reason could be that your thermostat needs an update. 

You can do this manually by going to your thermostat screen, and selecting the Settings > Nest settings > Software > Update.

Now, you’ll need to update the wiring info in the app. 

1. Open Google Home app on your device. 

2. At the top right, tap Settings > Thermostat > Wiring > Update wiring.

3. Update the info with correct wiring information.

Do the same in the Nest app on your phone.

1. Go to Nest settings.

2. Tap Thermostat > Wiring > Update wiring.

3. Update any incorrect wiring information.

After following the steps above, it’s time to check for C wire. 

1. Turn off power to your Google Nest. 

2. Now, check for the C connector. 

If there is a wire in the C connector, check that the wire has the C wire label, then make sure it’s in all the way and the connector button is down. Then turn the power to your system back on.

If there isn’t a wire, you can install a C Wire Adapter in Google Nest Thermostat. 

You can also have a pro correct your Google Nest Thermostat should you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself. Learn more here

With that note, we can conclude this article. We hope you found it useful. Thanks for reading. 

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