6 Best Offline Music Players For Android in 2024

Best Offline Music Player Apps

In this article, I have mentioned the best offline music players for Android in 2024.

Offline music players come in handy when you don’t have any extra data to stream music online or when you have plenty of available songs. Most smartphone brands have inbuilt offline music players, but sometimes they lack some additional features which you can get from top applications on Google Play Store. Yes! There are a plethora of offline music player apps with amazing features that you have always wanted or may want to explore.

Some premium music platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, etc have their own android apps to stream and download music. But why waste money on premium features if you never wanted them. Since you have got enough digital music, “why not use a perfect offline music player for it.”

So, let’s head over to offline apps to listen to digital music. 

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Best Offline Music Player Apps for Android

All the apps mentioned below have their own unique features. Check them out, the price, features, compatibility, and choose the best one for yourself.  

These are the best offline music player apps:

1. Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph Music Player

A great music player app: the Phonograph. This is due to the many integrated theme color sets; the colors of the application also change dynamically to reflect the content on the screen.

As far as the functionality goes, it’s very usual, so don’t expect enough bell claps. But if you want an easy, never-ending listening experience, therefore Phonograph could be the app for your music player. The tag editor allows you to effortlessly edit your music file tags for songs and albums or entire albums, including the title, artist, album name. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases


AIMP - Offline Music Player

AIMP looks a little simple at first looking for a music player. Simple interface designs are common now, but AIMP is a little vacant. However, that may be the whole idea. This app is simple: it plays your music without distracting you. This application is free.

Its 29 bands graphic equalizer handles all 20+ file formats with ease. They have custom theme support with built-in dark mode. AIMP offline music player has more than 50 features. Which is more than enough for a daily listener. The app is downloaded over 10 million times on the Google Play Store with a strong rating of 4.7 out of 5. Must try this amazing offline music player for listening to digital music. Don’t wait anymore! 

Price: Free 

3. Pixel Player

Pixel Player

Pixel Player is a fabulous alternative to offline music players discussed above with more or the same similar features. Amazing player to fulfill your musical needs. Moreover, you can also listen to online podcasts and radios for free. That’s a plus point for Pixel Player. A simple user interface to search and listen to offline music. 

Supports a five-band equalizer, Bass boost, 3D sound. Many equalizers preset. External Equalizer supported: System, Viper, and Cyanogen. Additionally, the free version of this music player supports Ads, so in order to listen to music without advertisements, you have to purchase a premium plan. Or listen to music keeping your data off. 

Price: Free | Premium (To remove ads) 

4. jetAudio HD Music Player

jetAudio HD Music Player

JetAudio HD provides its Android Music Player for both free paid. However, in the free version, you get even more than most users don’t have to upgrade. The only flaw is that commercials support the free version. 

You must have heard of CNET.COM, if you haven’t yet, no problem! jetAudio HD Music Player is one of the most downloaded music player apps on that site. With plenty of features such as the ability to play any music format, thirty-two equalizer presets inbuilt lyrics, dark mode for browsers, MIDI playback compatibility. Try now! 

Price: Free | Premium 

5. Black Player

Black Player

Black Player is just another free offline music player for your Android smartphone. The good thing is it’s all black. So no need to turn on dark mode if you are a night listener. 

You’ll love using Black Player because of its simple user interface, navigation, functionality, equalizers, etc feature for your own comfort. It supports standard music files such as MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, and FLAC. You can also add and edit lyrics which is a nice feature. It also supports Android Auto and Wear OS. Must download this amazing all black music player. 

Price: Free 

6. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player has long been around since it was first launched. Numerous bugs were addressed by the developers, performance improved and the feature set improved.

Free of charge, there is a ten band equalizer with many settings, more than thirty themes, a customizable tag editor, support for Chromecast, a sleep tracker, a smart playlist selection, and even podcasts assistance with Android Auto support. You can also embed lyrics on the same app. The new update of Rocket Music Player has been updated recently and solved most of the common problems like Chromecast issues, GDPR fixed, and most common bugs for a smooth experience. 

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Conclusion: So these are the top 6 best offline music player apps for Android smartphones in 2022. Try a few of the listed apps to check features, easiness, user interface, needs, etc, and choose the best out of them. I hope you have liked reading the post. Please share this article across the web or social media. If you have any questions regarding the topic, comment below. 

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