5 Best Live Game Streaming Apps for Android in 2021


In this article, I will discuss best live game streaming apps for android.

Want to live stream the game from your Android itself? Bored with live streaming from your PC? If yes, you’re in the right place.

It’s already 2021, and these days most streamers don’t use PCs to stream their favorite android games. Although using PC for live stream games has been always recommended by top gamers.

If you are looking for a live stream app for PUBG Mobile, you must have known about top PUBG Mobile gamers, like Mortal, Viper, Dynamo, Tacaz, Levinho, Casetoo, etc. They all use PC to stream games on some of these streaming platforms.

A powerful gaming device, a strong internet connection, and a qualified streaming platform or app are all you need if you want to stream directly from your android device.

There are lots of quality and highly rated android apps available to live stream from your own device, just download them on your device and you’re all done. So for you. I have listed down “Best Game Streaming Apps for Android” and I hope you get the best for yourself.

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Best Live Streaming Apps for Android Gaming

If you put “best live streaming apps for gaming” on the Google Play Store search bar, you’ll find there are thousands of apps for streaming purposes.

So, which one you should install?

Which one do you want?

You want the best of all, that’s right. You want the best “Game Live Streaming” experience for your audience and yourself.

But before heading toward mobile game streaming apps.

I want you to look at this infographic. It’s helpful.

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5 Best Game Streaming Apps for Android by Einsstark

These are the best live streaming apps for android gaming:-

#5 Nimo TV

Nimo TV: best game streaming app for android.

This is one of the best streaming platforms that allows millions of gamers from all over the world to play and broadcast their games so they can reach millions of gaming gurus like you.

It is a community of players, gamers, and fans that engages in conversation and allows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition.

Nimo TV is the best PUBG live stream app that mostly used PUBG Mobile players such as Casetoo, and Mortal. They relate most of the live streaming sessions to Pubg Mobile.

Also, It uses high-quality interactive technology, using which, audiences can interact with streamers and gain access to exclusive E-Sports events and tournaments, along with unprecedented access to top streamers from across the region.

A perfect platform to build an audience for your YouTube channel if you don’t have enough subscribers or are not allowed to live stream on YouTube.

You can join a community of gamers from all around the world and interact with them daily. If you’re looking to socialize and play along with famous PUBG Mobile players, download and install Nimo TV from Google Play Store.

Price: Free | In-app purchases (starting from $1)

#4 Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade - best live streaming apps for gaming.

Omlet Arcade is a highly rated mobile game streaming app to live stream mobile games. You can share your best moments, squad up with new friends, and custom tools to