How to Find NetSpend Routing and Account Number (2024)

How to Find NetSpend Routing and Account Number

For any NetSpend prepaid debit cardholders, it’s important to know your account’s routing number and account number.

With this information, you can provide it to employers for setting up direct deposit or give it out to friends sending you money transfers.

But what exactly are these numbers, and how do you find them for your NetSpend card?

Your NetSpend account number uniquely identifies your specific prepaid card account. It works similarly to a bank account number, except it’s tied specifically to your prepaid card.

The routing number refers to the bank that issued your particular NetSpend card. For most NetSpend cards, the issuing bank is MetaBank. You’ll need to have both the account number and routing number handy when giving them out to facilitate direct deposits.

Let’s take a closer look at how routing numbers and account numbers work, along with the easy methods to look up this important information for your NetSpend prepaid debit card.

What is a NetSpend Bank Routing Number?

A routing number is a 9-digit code that identifies the financial institution holding your account or card. It may also be called the routing transit number (RTN) or ABA number. Having the routing number allows you to set up direct deposits into your prepaid account.

The first four digits of the routing number represent the Federal Reserve routing symbol. The next four digits indicate the specific bank that issued your particular NetSpend card, which is usually MetaBank. The last digit is a checksum to validate the full routing number.

Routing numbers enable banks and card issuers to send and receive digital transactions. When you provide the routing number for your NetSpend account to an employer or outside payment source, it tells them exactly where to transmit the funds – to the bank that issued your card.

What is a NetSpend Account Number?

In contrast to the routing number, your unique NetSpend account number identifies your specific prepaid card account. It’s typically a 16-digit sequence of numbers randomly assigned only to your card.

Your NetSpend account number differs from the actual card number printed on the front of your physical NetSpend card. You’ll have to supply your account number together with the routing number when giving out your details to set up direct deposit or receive transfers.

The account number gives an external source the ability to direct payments and deposits specifically into your prepaid card balance, as opposed to someone else’s NetSpend account.

Where Can I Find My NetSpend Card Routing And Account Number?

Since routing and account numbers aren’t printed directly on prepaid cards, you’ll have to look up your particular NetSpend routing number through one of these methods:

The easiest and most convenient way to find your routing number is to log into your NetSpend account online.

Under the “Add/Manage Money” section, look for the page titled Direct Deposit. Your 9-digit routing number will be listed there.

Open the PDF of your most recent NetSpend account statement.

It will have your routing number printed towards the top of the first page or statement summary. You can access statements online or have them mailed.

You can call NetSpend at 1-866-387-7363 and speak to a customer service representative to request your specific account’s routing number.

They will verify your identity and then provide the number over the phone.

An example of Anytime Alerts
An example of Anytime Alerts

If you previously enrolled in Anytime Alerts through NetSpend, you can text the word DIRECT to 22622 and NetSpend will respond with your account’s routing and account number in a text message.

If you paid for and ordered physical checks to access your NetSpend account balance, you’ll find the routing number printed at the very bottom of every check.

How to Use Your Routing and Account Numbers

Once you’ve successfully located your NetSpend card’s routing number and account number, here are some of the most common ways to put them to use:

Set Up Direct Deposit

Provide the two numbers to your employer’s payroll department so your paycheck is automatically deposited into your NetSpend account each payday. Direct deposit allows much faster access to your funds.

Accept Money Transfers

Friends and family can utilize your account details when sending you money through their own bank’s online bill pay feature. Popular services like Zelle and PayPal also rely on account numbers.

Pay Bills Online or By Phone

You may be able to use your prepaid account to pay certain bills via their website or over the phone by supplying your routing and account numbers when prompted. Double-check that the merchant specifically accepts NetSpend.

Order Checks

To purchase physical checks drawn from your NetSpend account balance, you’ll need to accurately enter your account and routing numbers as part of the check order process.

How to Keep Your Account Details Secure

Because your routing number and account number together provide access to the money in your NetSpend prepaid account, keep them protected.

Only give out your account details when required, like to your employer for direct deposit purposes. Avoid sharing the numbers unnecessarily or publicly. Make sure to never post your account information publicly on social media profiles, forums, or blogs, where it could be seen by scammers.

Also, if you don’t need to keep them, shred old documents like checks or monthly statements that contain your account numbers before throwing them away. Watch out for phone or email phishing scams asking for your account details, which NetSpend will never legitimately do.

Lastly, set up transaction alerts and account monitoring through NetSpend so you can catch any unauthorized or fraudulent activity.

Can you change your Routing or Account Number?

In certain limited situations, you may need or want to proactively request new account and routing numbers from NetSpend.

If you suspect your account details have been stolen and used fraudulently, immediately contact NetSpend to report the unauthorized activity and request replacement numbers.

Further, you can even ask NetSpend to issue you brand new account and routing numbers as an extra security precaution, even if no actual fraud has occurred.

Also, if you upgrade to a new or different NetSpend prepaid card product type, it will automatically get you a fresh account number and routing number.

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Bottom Line

Both your routing number and account number need to be provided together any time you are giving them out to facilitate direct deposits or outside transfers into your prepaid account.

Now that you understand the basics of what these two numbers are and the easy methods to find them, you should feel confident accessing this important account information for your NetSpend prepaid debit card.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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