How to Check Instagram Username Availability in 2024

Instagram Username Availability Checker

If you have a business name but cannot find a username for a social media site, you may need to create a new username so that your customers can find you.

You might wonder that it is easy to create a username with special characters or underscores, but such a technique cannot be useful for creating an effectively branded username. 

To ensure that your social media presence remains consistent, it is crucial to use the same username for all of your accounts. 

This will allow users to easily find you on social media, and it will also help them understand and remember your brand or product faster.

If you’ve already asked for an Instagram username that the other person has, you may have to look for an alternate. 

However, if you can’t find anything else, your options are limited to purchasing that username or coming up with a new name.

If you bid on an Instagram username, be aware that Instagram will not transfer the already taken username to you due to site guidelines. 

Instagram Username Availability Checker

Instagram Username Availability Checker Online Tool

There are various online tools and mobile apps to check if a certain Instagram username is available. 

And most of the time, these tools and mobile check the Instagram data for that username and return the correct information. 

You would know if a particular Instagram username is available. 

Should you want to use an Instagram username availability checker, a simple google search would be enough to find the right tool. There are various sites for that purpose. 

Check Instagram Username Availability Through Instagram

Don’t wanna use tools? It’s fine! 

There is an alternate way to check Instagram username availability – via Instagram itself. 

Let me show you below. Just follow the steps. 

Step 1: Open the Instagram application on your mobile device.

Step 2: Sign up with an email address or phone number. 

Step 3: Tap Next to submit your email or phone number.

Step 4: Enter the confirmation code sent to your email or SMS.

Step 5: On the following screen, please type your full name and then choose a strong password. Tap on the Continue button.

Step 6: Next, add your date of birth, tap on next.

Step 7: Instagram prompts you to choose a username when you log in using an email address. Select Change username

Step 8: Enter a username, and the page will respond with an indication of whether that username is available.

Check Instagram Username Availability Through Instagram

Things to keep in mind whilst choosing Instagram username 

1. Make sure to keep the same username across multiple platforms

One point to keep in mind when choosing your Instagram username is that it should be easily identifiable as your brand account on other social media platforms. 

Having a consistent username makes your brand look more authentic. Not only does it improve your brand recognition, but it also creates a clean image for you and your business. 

If people can’t easily find you on Facebook or Twitter, they won’t bother to try again later, which means you’re losing valuable potential customers.

Remember – having a consistent identity on social platforms will help your followers find you.

2. Use a short and relevant username 

When choosing a name for your account, be sure it is relevant to what you intend to post on the account. 

The relevance of an account has the potential to increase or decrease traffic before any content has been shared on it.

Furthermore, users are more likely to recall unique usernames, so make sure yours is simple, memorable, and easy to spell. 

Wrapping it up: When choosing an Instagram name, remember that your brand’s username is the first thing that users see in the app, and should stick in the user’s mind after they leave your profile.

Your Instagram account should display your content in a way that people can find it easily. They should be able to get to your content by searching for it right away.

As for the Instagram username availability checker, the method discussed in the article is a simple way to check for a new username. Nonetheless, you can also use online social media username checker websites and apps as well.

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