How to Build a Strong Instagram Presence with High View Counts [2024]

How to Build a Strong Instagram Presence with High View Counts

Instagram is a video-sharing platform where creators share their content in the form of videos. This platform is one of the most popular social media platforms among creators. Being a creator, you might have come across a peculiar problem wherein even after posting multiple good content, you see a scarcity of views on your videos.

If you are worried about views, fret not, you have come to the right place. We present to you a guide that will ease all your worries about low views count. You will get to know how you can build a strong Instagram presence by increasing your views count. We will list some tips that can help you in gaining high view counts on the platform.

What is Counted as a View on the Platform?

The first thing we need to understand is the concept of views on Instagram. What is a view, and how is it counted? On Instagram, a video needs to be watched at least for 3 seconds for a view to be counted. And the best part is that whenever the same user views the same video for three seconds every time, a new view is counted. And do you know, being a creator if you watch your video for more than 3 seconds, it will count as a view.

So, come let us find out how to get Instagram high view counts.

How to Increase View Counts on Instagram?

1. Choose your posting time

Always keep an eye on your audience’s most active times. Posting your content in the peak online time of your audience can help your post get more views. Experiment with your posting times and choose one that is optimal. Make sure that your posts are not missed by your followers. Because if your posts get missed, you will lose possible views on your videos. And there is a high probability of your posts being missed in the mayhem of a vast number of posts that are pushed daily to the platform. You can also use automated tools to schedule posting.

2. Get on the trends wagon

One good way to increase views on Instagram is to hop on the trend’s wagon. Utilize trending sounds, hashtags, effects, and other features to your advantage. For example, if you use trending audio, a user will watch your reel for the audio’s entertainment purposes. In the case of hashtags, you can search for them using the “hashtag icon” in the publisher tag. You can also take part in challenges to garner more views. Use captions that are eye-catching and describe your content.

3. Use Instagram tools

Instagram reels are easy to search for and generate a lot of engagement. But Instagram is not only about reels. You can share your content on stories and carousels as well. Users can come across your reels on the “Explore” tab. Carousels are sets of images or videos that are combined in a single post. Carousels are a great way of garnering high views on your account. Stories are another great way to share your content. Stories can be browsed by anyone who is connected to your existing followers. Also, use geo-tags in your posts.

4. Encourage interactions

Just posting great content is not going to bring you a high view count. You need to interact with your audience to start conversations. Replying to users’ comments in the comment section and responding in DMs will keep your audiences engaged. If a user finds out that you have responded to their comments, they might check out your other reels and increase your views count. This also attracts more followers which will lead to a higher view count on your videos. Never turn off comments on your videos. Using a call-to-action approach in your videos can attract more users which will in turn lead to more views.

5. Utilize UGC

You can utilize user-generated content to leverage your brand. UGC can help you share content that is generated by your users. You do not have to work for such content and you get to share engaging content as well. You can use reviews or testimonials and tag the user in the same. This will help create trust and a bond between you and your followers. Your customers will understand that you appreciate loyalty. They will also share these videos by tagging your brand in the captions. This will help in creating a deeper understanding between you and your followers.

6. Use Insights

Instagram’s built-in analytics tool, Instagram Insights can help you understand how a post performs. In this tool, you can see a lot of factors such as reach, impressions, activity data of your followers, and clicks on your website. Using all this data you can analyze how and why a post of yours performed. This can help you in creating tailored content according to your followers’ preferences. When your followers come across content that suits their preferences, the content is sure to garner a higher number of views.

7. Consistency is important

As in life, consistency is equally important on Instagram. Posting good content consistently can keep your followers engaged. Consistency does not only include your posting schedule, but it also denotes the quality of your posts. Create a unique theme and style for your posts. Users will recognize your content from your unique style and theme and they will not have to even glance at the creator’s name before increasing views. This will also help in creating a special place for your brand in the minds of your followers.

We hope this article will help you understand the importance of views and how they affect your Instagram account’s presence on the platform. Whenever you are struggling with views, give this article a read and you will surely find a solution. We suggest you start planning your next content keeping the above tips in mind. In no time, you will see the views register start ringing.

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