Fix: Account has Been Logged in With a Newer Version of The Game Pubg Mobile

In this short guide, I’ll be discussing the account login issue in Pubg Mobile.  

Here is what it shows on screen when trying to log in. 

“Account has been logged in with a newer version of the game. Please update to the newest version”. 

Account has Been Logged in With a Newer Version of The Game Pubg Mobile

For the login page to appear, you have to make sure you are using the updated version of Pubg Mobile. 

I’m not talking about the “update available” on Play Store or App Store, but the one within the app.

You must have encountered these kinds of updates after launching the game.

What’s the problem then? 

Here’s the scenario, but just remember the usual process first: Launched the game > Update Required > Update Done > Login Appear > Successfully logged into the game through Google Play or any other login option.

Now when “account has been logged in…” appears on screen because of these glitches. 

  1. Launched the game > Update required > Clicked on update > Login appears without completing update (means not reaching up to 100%)> “Account has been logged in…” is showing. 
  2. Launched the game > Login screen appears (without any in-app update) > “Account has been logged in…” is showing. 

Launching the app without any in-app update appearing hints us that there’s no update assigned by Pubg Mobile.

It’s okay if no update is actually available or needed but if it does and still not showing upon starting the app then it might be because of any bug.

Now, you have understood the actual point: for you to log in through your account, updating the app is important (the one within the app). 

But the “Update required” prompt is not showing anymore as you might have already reached the login screen that displays the “Account has been logged in…” message. What to do? 

You don’t have to delete and install the entire game again, there’s still something you can do to fix it. 

Read below! 

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Fix Login Issue in Pubg Mobile 

Before heading to the solution, you might want to backup your OBB file so that you don’t have to download it again.

To back up, go to file manager (whichever you use) > Internal Storage > Android > OBB. At this point, locate com.tencent.ig and copy-paste it to another folder other than OBB.


Follow the steps to solve “Account has been logged in with a newer version of the game. Please update to the newest version”. 

Step 1: Long press Pubg Mobile app and select App info.

Step 2: Go to Storage.

Step 3: Click on Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Here, go back to File Manager > Internal Storage > Android > OBB. You’ll notice there is no com.tencent.ig file anymore. [Because of step 3]

Now, go the folder where you have taken the backup and copy-paste it again (com.tencent.ig) to the OBB.

Step 4: Run the Pubg Mobile app again. 

Step 5: Wait for Update to appear. 

Step 6: Update the game up to 100% and try to log in.

Now, you’ll be able to log in through your account as you’re using the latest version of Pubg Mobile. 


The “Account has been logged in with a newer version of the game” is showing up because you’re not using the updated version of Pubg Mobile. 

Even if there is an update available on Play Store or App Store, you still have to update the game within the app. 

Update option appears after running the game for the first time after a fresh install or through regular in-app updates that show up after launching the app. But sometimes, due to some glitch, this in-app update does not show up. And pubg app starts prompting the newer version notification when trying to log in through already created game accounts.

After updating the game from within the app, you’ll be able to log in with your account. I had this issue back then as well, this is how I solved the problem.

I hope you have found the guide helpful. Please share it on social media as an exchange for a thank you.

So, did it help you? Comment below.

Note: I can tell through comments that few guys are still facing the issue, might be because they are doing something wrong. I would like to see what you guys are doing that is not working. PLEASE comment on your problem in detail.

10 thoughts on “Fix: Account has Been Logged in With a Newer Version of The Game Pubg Mobile”

  1. My discord is ᴼᴹᴬ Kwuicc#3448

    Didn’t work I even tried a second time fully uninstalling the app deleting obb starting fresh. The update prompted and I installed it to 100% but then after it said successfully updated restart game and relogg I couldn’t relog and it’s giving the same issues.

  2. Hi, thanks! It didn’t work at first but when I did it again, it worked. At first, the update didn’t show up after doing what you have told but I perform the whole process again and the second time the update shows up. After updating now I have successfully logged in through my google play id.

    1. Yeah, it might be that the update does not show up every time you do these steps. There’s no guarantee. You have to do it again and again. For me, the update did show up at first chance.

  3. Zakwan Haizat

    I follow ur instruction but still can’t log in and it’s still said thats mine is old version

  4. I’m already using the latest version but that doesn’t solve the problem. I am emulator player please help me

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