Fix Adobe Acrobat error 105: “The document could not be saved” 

Fix Adobe Acrobat error 105

Adobe Acrobat error code 105 is a very common problem users face. You can work around the issue by going to Tools > Organize Pages option > Extract Pages to create a new document > Click on Save As. If extracting pages does not work, you can save by printing to PDF.

If that doesn’t work for you, we have shared a magic method on this page to fix this problem 🙂 


Adobe Acrobat is a kind of application software developed to view and manipulate Portable Document Format files. 

This family of programs comprises Acrobat Reader, Acrobat, and

And sometimes Adobe Acrobat error code can be confusing or vague, leading to frustration and confusion for users. 

Error 105 is one of them. 

We don’t know exactly why this error occurs, but surely it’s a software gremlin. 

Coming to the topic of concern: how do we solve this issue? 

There are certain workarounds to fix the problem. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at them below. 

How do I solve Adobe Acrobat 105 error? 

Adobe continues to ignore this issue, which is causing problems for users saving their documents. 

Here’s the complete error message: 

“The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading the document (105).” 

Now, to fix this error, try these workarounds.

Method 1 

1. Go to Tools.

2. Click on Organize Pages.

2. Extract Pages – select the pages you want to create a new document.

3. Click on Save As.

Use right-hand menu to select “save a copy,” if the “save as” option doesn’t show up. 

Method 2 

1. Go into Adobe. 

2. Select TOOLS. 

3. Then select CREATE option. 

4. Drag all of the pieces into Adobe, follow the prompts, then save them as whatever file name you want.

Method 3 

1. Open the PDF in Adobe. 

2. Go to File at the top left corner.  

3. Click on “Save as other” option 

4. Finally, choose “Optimized PDF.”

If you don’t see “Optimized PDF” option or if it’s grayed out, save the PDF by emailing a link to your email address and getting that to save.  

This should fix the 105 error code. 

Another way to work around Adobe Acrobat error 105 message 

In this method, we are going to extract the file into several PNGs and later combine it into a PDF.

Simply, follow the steps below. 

1. Go to File > Save As > then create a New Folder

2. Name the folder. (anything you want)

3. Click on the “Save it as” option and select “.PNG”. Let the process complete. 

4. Now, go to Adobe Acrobat again. 

5. Go to Tools > Combine Files

6. Open the folder where you saved the PNGs. Click Ctrl + A to select all the images.

7. And drag them over to Adobe Acrobat. 

8. Now, click on the Combine option. Let the combining process complete. 

9. Once done, go to Files and save it wherever you want. Do remember to save it as a PDF.

That’s it 🙂

Update Adobe Acrobat to the latest version 

What version of the Adobe Acrobat application are you using? 

To check, go to Help > About Acrobat and make sure you have the latest version installed. 

If you have an older version, go to Help > Check for Updates and reboot your computer once it’s finished downloading the update.

And if you have misplaced settings, check out this guide to reset your Acrobat Preference settings to default.

That’s a wrap for this article. Hopefully, our tips help you get rid of the annoying Adobe Acrobat error 105. If you know any other way to fix this error, please share them in the comments section below. Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

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