15 Best A/B Testing Tools And Software (2021 List)

Best A/B Testing Tools And Software

Do you own an online business? Do you have a website? B2C stuff? I got it – you want to understand your customers. You might have gone through Buyer Persona for your business’ success but that’s not the only thing you need to convert visitors into YOUR buyers. 

You can’t understand the behavior of your traffic if you aren’t using the right A/B testing tools and software. Businesses these days consciously think they understand their customers but in actuality, they might not. Visitors make choices, varied decisions, some of them with a blink of an eye, and if you aren’t using a statistical data-driven approach, perhaps you are losing your customer-to-be visitor(s). 

What is A/B Testing? 

Here’s the simple definition: A/B Testing is a statistical way of comparing two or more versions, such as Version A or Version B. Generally to determine which version delivers better results statistically.  

For example, you have published two landing pages for visitors to put their emails in a newsletter subscription form. You have titled each of them differently, with varied body content, and distinct appeal. Now, after some time and enough conversations you might want to continue with only one landing page and remove another. That’s where A/B testing tools help. Surely you want to continue with the landing page which has a better conversion rate – in which people are inclined to put their emails. 

AB Testing Infographic

This is not limited to just newsletters sign up forms, you could test any part of your website such as a call to action button, it’s color, or even the whole website, wholly depends on your strategy. 

Now, I have briefed you on the A/B testing process, it’s time for you to choose the best A/B testing tools and software. 

15 Top A/B Testing Tools & Software In 2021 

1. Mixpanel 

Mixpanel is one of the best A/B testing tools out there. I have heard many folks babbling about it on LinkedIn, applauding how easy it is to integrate it to apps and websites to analyze conversions and engagement. For an A/B campaign, you could use features such as audience targeting, funnel analysis, split testing, test scheduling, etc. But it lacks heatmaps and surveys. 


It also offers free online training programs and webinars to help starters get to understand it. According to the official website over 26,000 companies, including 30% of The Fortune 100, trust Mixpanel to grow their business. 


  • Easy to integrate. 
  • Simple to set up A/B campaigns. 
  • Offers push notifications. 


  • UI not good enough for non-technical users. 
  • Non-accuracy of data – not often. 
  • Not beginner-friendly according to first time users. 

Mixpanel Pricing Details 

Free: 100K monthly tracked users 

Growth: from $17/month

Enterprise: contact them

2. VWO Testing

VWO Testing by Wingify is a highly recommended optimization platform considering all aspects of A/B testing. Customer support has always been a crucial reason behind the success of SaaS businesses and Wingify is good at it. In recent times, they have fully grown to a solid framework with comprehensive testing and optimization solutions. 

VWO Testing

Unlike the aforementioned Mixpanel, VWO Testing does offer heatmaps and surveys for folks who are looking for a complete A/B testing package. However, due to lots of challenges in terms of tracking, you might want to double-check – if everything Is tracked. 


  • Deep segmentation. 
  • Sophisticated A/B tests. 
  • Split testing available. 


  • Testing threshold. 
  • Few tests are time-consuming. 
  • So expensive. 

VWO Testing Pricing Details 

Testing: from $199/month with a free trial but no free version (VWO Plan included)

Insights: from $169/month (VWO Plan included)

Engage: from $99/month

Fullstack: on request

3. Convertize

If A/B testing is your priority, here’s a leading SaaS known and managed by the name of Convertize. You don’t need to be a coding freak to set up A/B tests, it autopilots things to maximize conversions and increase your ROI. It offers more than 150 optimization tactics. Smart Notifications compound these qualities.