45 Best URL Shorteners To Make Money Online (2021)

Best URL Shorteners To Make Money Online

URL shorteners can be valuable to some folks who want to shrink long web addresses along with earning bucks for every click on it. This might be a decent money-making formula although the amount of cash you’ll generate counts on different factors and conditions. 

How Does URL Shortener Works? 

Perhaps you want to know how URL shortener works? and how to make money through it? 

Link shortening is a process of putting long valid URLs and shrinking it to shorter and prettier looking links. The one and the foremost reason why people prefer a short link over an ugly long web address is that it can be fit into any email, any social media post (especially Twitter), video description, and doesn’t look spammy. 

And because of aforesaid reason website owners, YouTubers, and anyone who has an audience or traffic, in particular, can take advantage of paid link shorteners to generate a considerable amount of revenue. 

Here’s how paid link shortening services work.

1. Copy a long URL. 

2. Go to your preferred paid link shortening service to shrink it. 

3. Now, take the shorten URL and share it anywhere on the web such as YouTube video description, blog, community sites, etc. 

4. When someone clicks on it, he’ll be directed to an interstitial page that shows advertisements. 

5. After advertisements have been fulfilled, you’ll generate revenue and the user will be redirected to the landing page of the original URL – the one you have copied earlier. 

How Does URL Shortener Works

Factors That Affects Your Revenue 

If person A is getting 1000 clicks on shortened links and another person B is also getting 1000 clicks on his shortened links that doesn’t mean both will generate an equal amount of revenue. Yes! That’s how it is. 

Major factors affecting your income.

URL Shortener Service You Choose 

Not all URL shorteners pay at a particular fixed rate to users for receiving clicks on their links. Make sure to go through terms and services at the time of registering. Renowned services do pay the highest, however. 

CPM Rates 

Cost per mille is a measurement used in advertising. Generally, countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia retain the highest CPM rates and if people belonging to these countries clicks on your shrunken links – it will generate higher revenue as compared to clicks from people belonging to Asian countries. 

(Provided advertisement has been served and the user has been redirected to a landing page.) 

Payment Methods 

Only a small number of link shortening services offer popular online payment gateways such as PayPal and Skrill to send payments. Make sure your country and the link shortener service you have registered support the payment gateway you use. Also, few payment gateways charge a small (but substantial) amount of transfer fee to process payments. 

Affiliate Commission 

Some websites such as Linkvertise and Shrinkearn offer affiliate commissions to users. That means the more folks sign up using your referral link the more money you can generate – provided your referred users are also generating revenue. 

Policies Of Other Platforms 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube don’t allow spammy shortened URLs. Reddit rejects the use of shrunken links in subreddits. This means only reliable services can have a chance there and this article provides the same. 

Top URL Shorteners To Make Money Online (in 2021) 

I have already discussed the working process of paid URL shorteners and the aforementioned factors should suffice to choose the best link shortener for yourself. Here’s the list. 

1. Linkvertise 

Linkvertise is one of the best URL shorteners to make money online. If you use it, this might be the best decision you would make. They have various advertising options available to display including video ads and timer ads. They do not show any pop-ups upon clicking the shortened link. Also, it provides an option to customize shrunken links for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to prevent the link from getting removed due to policy issues. 



  • Highest Paying link shortener – $10 per 1000 views. 
  • Linkvertise WordPress plugin for your website or blog. 
  • More than six advertisements are available.
  • Timely customer support.
  • Full Script API for your website. 
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer (for a few countries), Paysafecard, etc. 
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Additionally, an amazing user experience. 
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 30,413
  • Trustpilot Score: 3.3/5  

Visit Linkvertise

2. ShrinkEarn 

If you’re looking for the best URL shortener to make money online in India, then Shrinkearn is the website you would find on the web. Most of the Indian users are using ShrinkEarn on their blogs and YouTube comments – video descriptions to make money because of high CPM rates. You may customize the link for a higher click-through rate.