How to fix Netflix error HTP-998 in 2024

Netflix error HTP-998

Netflix error HTP-998 error typically indicates a connection problem with your internet service provider, preventing you from reaching the Netflix service. To fix this gremlin, you can try resetting your home network. Also, restart your device to solve the problem. 

Perhaps the weather is bad, you’re sick, or you just wanted to binge-watch an entire season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” on your couch while armed with a hot toddy. 

No matter what the reason, don’t despair! Fixing Netflix this error code isn’t that hard.

How do I fix Netflix error HTP-998?

The good news: most of the Netflix errors are similar. When you run into a problem, we recommend trying…

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Sign out of your Netflix account and sign in again. 
  • Disconnect your mobile device, TV, or computer, then reconnect.
  • If none works, reinstall Netflix app.

The error code HTP-998 often appears with the following message:

“We’re having trouble accessing these titles for you right now. Please try again later.” 

HTP-998 error message

Check Device or connectivity issue

Upon opening a show, if this error message pops, relax. Maybe your internet connection isn’t working properly, or maybe there’s data on your playback device that needs to be refreshed.

To improve the quality of Netflix video streaming, clear the app data and restart your playback device. 

Or if it appears that connectivity issues are to blame, restart your home Wi-Fi network.

1. Simply unplug your device from power.

2. Press the power button on the device. Wait for a minute or two. 

3. Plug your device back in.

4. Turn your device on and check if the error pops again. 

Here’s how to reset your home network. 

1. Turn off your device.

2. Unplug your modem and router from power. Wait for a minute or two. 

3. Plug in your modem and router.

4. Some modems and routers might take longer to reconnect, so you gotta wait for a few minutes. 

5. Turn your device on and check if the Netflix HTP-998 error gremlin is solved. 

If these steps don’t work, try to reach out to Netflix support team, here. You may also contact them on Twitter. 

That’s a wrap. We hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, comment below. 

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