How to fix Masterbuilt Smoker Error Code 1 [2024]

Seeing an error code unexpectedly pop up on your Masterbuilt electric smoker display can be incredibly annoying and frustrating. After all, you just want to relax and enjoy perfectly smoked meat, not troubleshoot technical problems.

The error code 1 generally signifies that your smoker was not able to reach and maintain the target temperature you set it to.

There are a few straightforward do-it-yourself troubleshooting steps you can try yourself at home to potentially fix this common issue and get your smoker heating properly again. With some simple checking of components and connections, you can likely resolve the error 1 yourself without needing to shell out money for repairs or replacement parts.

What Exactly Does Error Code 1 Mean on a Masterbuilt Smoker?

Essentially, error code 1 indicates that your Masterbuilt smoker’s internal heating element was not able to get the unit up to the precise programmed temperature that you manually inputted. The smoker is basically telling you that it couldn’t get hot enough to start smoking properly.

Some of the most common reasons why you might see this frustrating error code pop up out of nowhere include:

  • Power cord became accidentally unplugged from outlet or smoker itself
  • General issue with heating element stopping it from heating fully
  • Wiring connection problem where wires became loose
  • Issues with control panel or control board
  • Problem with thermometer/temperature probes not reading right

The good news is that error code 1 on a Masterbuilt smoker is generally repairable at home without needing to call Masterbuilt’s customer service line or order replacement parts. Some tinkering and testing should hopefully get your smoker up and running again.

Fixes for Error Code 1 in Masterbuilt Smoker

Before trying any troubleshooting, make sure to completely unplug your Masterbuilt smoker first and let it fully cool off. Visually inspect all external and internal components closely. Then, go through these key troubleshooting steps:

1. Thoroughly Investigate the Power Cord and Electrical Connection

First, check whether the power cord itself somehow became accidentally unplugged from the electrical outlet in the wall or the connector inlet on the back of the smoker unit itself. Make 100% sure the thick power cord is securely plugged into the smoker and wall outlet. Wiggle the cords where they connect to see if they feel loose.

Closely visually inspect the entire power cord for any damage like frayed wires or cracked/burnt prongs. If the cord or plugs show wear and tear, replace the cord. Try plugging the working power cord into a few different outlets too to see if issues with that particular outlet could be causing problems.

2. Analyze Condition of Internal Heating Element

If power connection checks out, open up your Masterbuilt smoker cabinet and closely analyze the internal heating element. Look for any damaged spots, burning, or excessive wear and tear. Check where the heating element connects to the interior wiring and control board. If the heating rod itself is broken, replacing this heating element part should fix the temperature issue and error 1 code.

Also inspect insulation surrounding heating element. If that insulation shows any tears, cracks, or damage, replace it as damaged insulation can impact heating efficiencies. Ensure heating element install looks correct and that it is snugly installed in place horizontally.

3. Thorough Inspection of All Internal Wiring and Connections

Next, check where all the internal wires, wiring harnesses, connectors, terminals, and probes link up inside the cabinet. Follow each one visually making sure connections appear intact with no loose wires, detached connectors, or damaged spots. Pay special attention to where wires lead from heating element back to main control board interface.

If any wires have become loose or disconnected, securely reattach them. Check wire sheathing too for cracks or burns which could indicate points of electrical shorting out. Electrical issues can definitely cause temperature regulation problems.

4. Control Panel Testing and Potential Replacement

Press buttons on the digital control panel such as the power button and try setting temp to 225 degrees. Observe if any unusual error codes pop up which could signal control board problems. If control panel is totally dead or malfunctioning, replacing this key part can also fix error 1 problems.

5. Inspect and Potentially Replace Faulty Temperature Probes

If all else checks out fine, issue may lie with your Masterbuilt smoker’s internal temperature probes or thermometer/probe wiring malfunctioning and failing to send accurate ambient temperature readings back to the control panel. This triggers error 1 code when temperatures seem way off expectations.

Compare smoker probe readings against independent thermometer probe readings. If smoker probe readings seem very inaccurate, try replacing your smoker’s probes first. Temperature probe replacement is simpler than replacing whole control boards or heating elements.

Prevent Future Error Code 1 Issues in Your Masterbuilt Smoker

Once you remedy whatever underlying issue was causing your Masterbuilt smoker to stubbornly display error code 1, you’ll want to take preventative maintenance steps to avoid seeing this annoying error code again down the road after next smoking sessions:

  • Check power cord connections before each smoker use to catch loose plug issues early
  • Buy spare heating elements and temperature probes to swap out immediately if failures happen
  • Never abruptly move your hot smoker or shift it forcefully when in use
  • Always keep smoker cabinet door tightly closed when heating to reach target temps
  • Position smoker safely away from external elements like rain or snow which could damage components
  • Consider buying a Masterbuilt smoker cover to protect your unit from weather when stored outside

While seeing error 1 pop up in the middle of a long smoking cook session can be incredibly frustrating, in most cases, the issue ends up being easily repairable yourself at home. Following comprehensive troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, steps will keep your Masterbuilt electric smoker working properly for years of perfectly smoked dishes.

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