How To Convert & Run Exe To APK File on Android & PC (2024)

How To Convert (Run) Exe To APK File on Android & PC

A lot of users were asking me how to convert Exe to APK using Android or PC so they could get a kick out of Windows or PC software and games on their Android devices. There’s no problem in doing that, that’s what I thought first. But it is not as easy as it seems. 

Converting EXE To APK What Does It Mean

To run any software or App on an Android device, it must be in APK format but Exe is the format for software that runs on Windows. Hence, Exe(s) can not be run on any Android (or iOS) upon downloading/installing. To make it run like other Apps, you have to convert the Exe file to APK first. 

Can You Convert EXE To APK On Android

There are abundant YouTube videos for the same but quite a few of them have successfully worked for a small ratio of fellas. Rest commented, either “Not working for me!” or “options are not showing”. I have also gone through a few of the web articles on how to convert Exe to Apk software especially using Android but none of them worked. That means you can’t simply convert Exe(s) to APK using barely an Android phone. You need a computer/PC to execute the process. 

Convert EXE To APK Using PC/Computer

If you own a computer or PC, you can simply convert Exe to APK using software for that purpose, and after that transfer that particular converted .apk file to your Android and further install it. 

Steps to convert Exe to APK using PC. 

1. First, Install ExeToApk software on your computer.

Install ExeToApk software on your computer

2. Then, Browse (locally) the Exe file you want to convert. 

3. Select the Path for the APK file. 

4. Click Start/Rebuild at the bottom right corner. 

5. Let the Console Re-Programming run and wait till it gets finished. 

Console Re-Programming

Here’s the YouTube video to simplify the task.


So, this is how you can convert Exe to APK software using a PC/Computer. It’s thick to perform the same task using an Android device. There’s no such quality App on the Play Store to assist you. Neither Exe to APK online converter works. Let me know you need any help with the process explained above. 

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