Fix: Acer Nitro AN 517-51 not charging despite being plugged in [2024]

“My Acer Nitro AN 517-51 has been blinking orange and blue lights since I connected the power cable to it yesterday. I tried turning it on today and the same thing happened, but today it is completely gone. Can you help me figure out what is wrong? Thanks!”

Well, try with a different wall socket if still, it does not work then try to wriggle the charger cable and see. Just to make sure is that a problem with the charger? 

Sometimes if the problem is with the charger then you need to keep it in a different position for the charger to work.

You can also disconnect the laptop from the charger and then you can try to press and hold down the power button for 20 secs

Then you can try to connect it back and then you can try to turn it on. If not you can also try to push the charger all the way into the charging port.

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