8 Easy Steps To Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed in 2024

8 Easy Steps To Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed

For years, individuals of all ages have been debating how to make Wi-Fi quicker. It has become much more frustrating now that a majority of us have begun working from home regularly. Having one of the greatest Wi-Fi routers is not enough; Zoom calls can still freeze in the middle of a crucial conference or your Netflix movie can lose signals unexpectedly.

Moreover, it makes no difference if you own the best electric lines outside your house; getting rid of slow speeds as well as Wi-Fi dead zones is mostly up to you. To assist you, we have compiled a list of troubleshooting tips that will hopefully upgrade the quality of your Wi-Fi both inside and outside your home so stay calm, grab your cup of coffee, and keep reading. 

1. Turn your Router On and Off Again

It may seem obvious, yet the majority of us fail to do so before we begin dismantling everything. Turn off your router entirely and wait some time before turning it on. In case the router is dusty, use a microfiber material to wipe it down while it is turned off. This way, the fan will not have to exert as much effort.

2. Change your Internet Service Provider

You should also see whether another provider could supply you with a better bargain and is available in your area. Consider this: how fast do I need my internet to be? Before deciding on an internet service provider (ISP), you should investigate all of your possibilities. First things first, check whether the ISP is readily available in your area. 

Once you have done that, you can check the speeds offered by that provider by simply looking at its website. For example, if you want to check the internet speeds offered by Spectrum, you can simply visit the provider’s website and check the internet speed deals and packages being offered by the ISP. 

In case you want a more personalized experience, you can contact Spectrum’s customer service team and get more clarity. The provider offers assistance in both English and Spanish so if you are an English-speaking customer, simply contact Spectrum customer service, however if you are an Hispanic customer, then contacting Spectrum en Español would be the way to go. The provider also offers a buyout policy if you are stuck in a contract with your current ISP. So, it is only a win-win for you!

3. Turn Off Any Other Gadgets that Could Be Utilizing the Wi-Fi

Many gadgets, such as smart bulbs, vacuums, as well smart electronics, will keep on contacting the Wi-Fi even if they are turned off, hence slowing down the signal. To overcome this, think about the gadgets that you need to have on all the time.

4. Run a Speed Test

    With the finest speed test apps, you can check your internet speed from various locations in your house. You can use this to determine where the strongest signal is and whether there is a problem in a particular space or even check in case the signal is overall poor.

    5. Change your Router’s Location

      For the strongest Wireless Fidelity signal, know where to put your router; walls, gates, and cabinets will impede the signal, so do not hide it in a cupboard. It is ideal to put it in the center of your house for the best coverage and keep it away from other equipment that could hinder it, like the Television or speakers. If you do not want your routers in the way, you can also fix them on the wall.

      6. Purchase a Wi-Fi Extender

        Buy a Wi-Fi extender if tinkering with the settings of your router sounds too astounding and you are tight on budget. Link these devices to the router’s wireless internet and then stretch them by plugging them into a spare electrical outlet.

        7. Clear your Personal Computer

          It is possible that the issue is not with the router; instead, it is with your computer, which has to be cleaned, on the inside. Your computer takes a lot from you daily, including unnoticed downloads and software upgrades. 

          This can lead to a clogged hard drive and apps that operate in the background all the time. Empty the hard drive and check your Task Manager to see if any unnecessary updates have been installed.

          8. Use an Ethernet Cable Instead

          Our final suggestion is to use an old-fashioned Ethernet cable. While Wi-Fi is extremely convenient, it does have the potential to go down at any time. Get hold of your old Ethernet wire and connect straight if you require reliable connectivity. Of course, you will have to sit close to your router, but the connection will be steady and consistent.

          Final Words

          If none of the suggestions above work, contact your internet service provider and explain your situation. You could ask that a technician be dispatched to investigate the situation further. It is also worth checking with your neighbors to see if they are having similar problems, this may be a problem with your neighborhood rather than your property.

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