5 Easy to Navigate Image to Excel Converters for Free (2024)

5 Easy to Navigate Image to Excel Converters for Free

No matter how many images you want to transform into Microsoft Excel editable spreadsheets, the below-mentioned converters assist you to do so for free. You can find that there are innumerable reasons why you people require to save an image as an Excel file, these easy-to-navigate converters work best for all concerns. 

In addition to that, it is humble thanks to the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process that works perfectly for extracting text from images and storing it all into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can experience OCR-based image to Excel conversion from the legit source of the online converter that offers free JPG to Excel converter. 


You now just have to make a couple of clicks online to commence the conversion to and from PDF documents for free of cost. This program is web-based that entertains you with a full-fledged version of JPG to Excel converter to make instant and OCR-dependent conversions from pictures to Excel files. Compressing, editing, and even locking PDF documents is pretty simple as this converter requires only a couple of clicks to all. 

It also retained the original formatting as it is packed with advanced levels of Optical Character Recognition text extraction. The most auspicious and considerable parameters is that this online tool recognizes the photos that are loaded with tables and stores individually in MS Excel spreadsheet.

Why Use?

  • High quality OCR-based Results for picture to excel conversion
  • Innumerable tools that proceed significantly without any hassle
  • Lets you work with all kinds of PDFs (scanned and even images)
  • Customize options provides for export file
  • Batch conversions supported

Why Don’t?

  • Complicated files leads to some distraction
  • Supports only 6 languages for OCR

How to Convert Image to Excel Quickly with Online2pdf?

  • Open online2pdf on your web-browser and start importing the up to 20 images at once into the main tool-section
  • Once all the images are properly completely uploaded, then it’s time to navigate to the Convert to drop-down and make a choice for the MS Excel XLSX or XLS option as the export file format
  • Then, you need to choose the language for the converted file right now
  • Finally, you just have to hit the Convert button and let this tool automatically start converting images to Excel spreadsheets for free of cost


Its name reveals that users could readily perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) online and even for free. Extracting text from one or a couple of images and storing them into Excel editable or searchable  spreadsheets is pretty simple with the assistance of this online image to excel converter. The upside is that this online tool allows you to proceed OCR conversions for nearly all major file types.

In addition to that, users can now make text recognition as well as scanning for more than 40 languages without any formatting distraction. You even now get the file preview for the confirmation prior to download. 

Why Use?

  • Image to excel files conversion without any quality loss
  • Free and well-organized platform for OCR conversion
  • Supports 40 languages
  • Entertain you with image preview

Why Don’t?

  • Exceed processing times for some files
  • Only lets you export file in three formats
  • 15 mb file size allowed

How to Convert an Image to Excel for Free with OnlineOCR?

  • Open this OCR tool by visiting OnlineOCR website and add your photos for making conversions 
  • choose the language for OCR conversions prior to proceed with picture to excel transformation
  • Right after that, now there you get the drop-down from which you need to choose the output as Excel spreadsheet
  • Click Convert and download the newly transformed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet


This web-based program is loaded with over 100 different online converters that lets you make quick, reliable, and secure conversions. You could now convert image to excel online while preserving the original formatting and quality for free of cost. And, even the great thing is it lets you proceed with up to 20 images conversions at once to MS Excel spreadsheets for free of cost.

Apart from that all, you can now import jpg, jpeg, png, jfif, and other formats to convert into XLSX file format with this online converter. Its interface is easy to process and well-organized, this means no special skills required to navigate this tool. 

Why Use?

  • Quality preservation results while saving one or even batch files
  • All tools (pdf, image, document, ebook, audio, video) are 100% free
  • No sign up
  • Simple and organized interface
  • Multilingual support

Why Don’t?

  • Loaded with Ads

How to Convert Image to Excel with theonlineconverter?.

  • Type JPG to Excel converter by theonlineconverter into your web-browser URL bar
  • Once opened, just grab and drop up to 20 images at once and let this tool convert them all into editable MS Excel (xlsx) file format
  • Click Convert
  • Click DOwnload All given button to save the all transformed Microsoft XLSX spreadsheets


Get this another online opportunity that is mainly taken into account to make single or batch files OCR conversions. This platform offers you the best and easy to navigate JPG to Excel converter with OCR through which you can export your pictures to XLSX spreadsheets. 

Remember that there’s no need to stick with those daunting installation and sign-up processes, just drag and drop your existing images and get their MS Excel files. Try this online OCR tool that allows you to change jpg, jpeg, gif, png, and other image formats to Excel files for free of cost. Moreover, thanks to its free and PRO image to text conversions that lets you copy text from image without any huge manual intervention and even offers advanced features. 

Why Use?

  • Innumerable variety of online OCR tools for photos text extraction
  • Batch conversions supported for all tools including jpg to excel, image to text, png to excel, and more
  • Export files in different numbers of formats
  • No quality distraction while converting files
  • Multilingual OCR support

Why Don’t?

  • Packed with Ads

How to Convert an Image to XLSX Online with a Card Scanner?

  • Open Cardscanner from your web-browser and hit More tools > JPG to Excel 
  • Then, import images according to your preference into this online OCR image to excel converter
  • Click Convert
  • Save converted XLSX files one by one or simply click Download All


iLovePDF lets you turn your existing image file into editable as well as searchable Adobe PDF document format online. It entertains you with a wide range of tools for managing and converting PDF files. Its interface is straight-forward, users do not need to stick with huge manual intervention to proceed with file conversion. 

Why Use?

  • Takes couple of seconds to make certain files conversion
  • Secure and free source
  • Lightening quality preservation

Why Don’t?

  • Consume time for processing complicated files

How to Save JPG Image as an Excel Spreadsheet with PDFmall?

  • Grab and drop your image into this online converter by PDFmall
  • Click Convert
  • Your Microsoft Excel files are ready to Download

Thankfully, you people explored easy to navigate images to excel conversion sources one-by-one, choose one right now to process the conversion. You can now easily create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets without any text distraction from existing photos by using the above-mentioned tools. Good Luck!

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