9 Top Meme Generator Websites for Creating Memes [2024]

Top Meme Generator Websites for Creating Memes

According to some sources, memes have been around for centuries, even before they became an internet-wide sensation.

Today, every social media site, including Facebook and Instagram has countless meme pages. It is safe to say that they have become an integral part of our online lives.

Memes are easy for anyone to create, too, so long as they have a sense of creativity and access to the right meme-creation tools.

Meme Generator Websites:

1. iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG is perfect for beginner creators. This site features simplified buttons that are easy to use, especially when you want to add text to a meme image. It also has a meme library with plenty of free templates to choose from. 

Users can download their finished memes without a watermark on them. Other features of this site include options to save to Google Drive and Dropbox.

2. Imgur

Imgur is a popular image-sharing website that also happens to have a meme generator tool. With Imgur, meme creators can not only make memes but share them instantly with a vast community that can help the meme go viral. 

Imgur also has its meme library with popular templates to use. The site includes a simple caption-adding tool.

3. Meme Better

Meme Better is another simple meme-creation tool that makes it easy to make a popular meme in minutes without a watermark. This website also has a wide library of templates to choose from. 

There is an ‘Upload Photo’ option if you need to add your own photo, for example of a celebrity such as NFL player Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills.

One drawback to this tool is that only one type of template is available, and that is the type of meme with just white text placed over each picture.

4. Kapwing

Kapwing is a top meme generator that comes with more advanced editing features and multiple types of templates. Kapwing also doubles as a photo editor. Editing features include cropping with pre-set Instagram aspect ratios, color and brightness adjusting, and layering. 

Watermarks are typically added to photos before download unless users make and use a Kapwing account. Another great feature of this site is a trending page that lets you browse through the most up-to-date meme pictures.

5. Canva

Canva is a top photo editor and graphic designing tool, and it also has its meme templates for creators to use in addition to all of the standard designer tools. With Canva, users can create a quick meme from a template or take time to fine-tune their memes with text editing, photo editing, stickers, backgrounds, and more. 

Another great feature of this website is the option to download your final meme in multiple image formats or share it directly to social media without needing to download anything.

6. Mematic

Mematic is, perhaps, the fastest meme maker out there that can be used for free. When you create a meme on this site, you get to choose one of two design templates, Advice Animals or Demotivations, and then you can choose a meme photo and add unique text. 

With the free version of this tool, users can encounter ads, but there is a monthly subscription upgrade to eliminate those if desired.

7. Photo Director

Photo Director is an advanced photo editor that is available as an app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for most devices. A unique feature of Photo Director is the option to animate photos with AI, which can certainly take memes to the next level. 

For meme creators, this app may require some learning time, so it’s not the quickest design option. However, it has a vast number of photo editing features, plus it offers video tutorials on how to use all of the functions.

8. GATM Meme Generator

If you are looking for a meme generator that not only lets you create original memes but also gives you the option to browse other trending memes, look no further than GATM (Generate All the Memes) Meme Generator. It comes as an app, although it is only available for Android devices. 

Advantages of the app include regular updates which keep the latest memes available as templates to use, and little to no glitches, which many other similar apps tend to have.

9. Clideo

If you have an image you’d like to make a meme from, whether the image is already trending or not, you can use Clideo to edit it. Clideo also offers two popular types of caption templates, including the type with black bars above and below the image. 

On the downside, Clideo adds a watermark to all images unless you create an account.


For quick meme creation, some of the best tools include Mematic, iLoveIMG, and Meme Better. For more advanced meme creation, check out tools like Photo Director and Canva, where you’ll have access to wider editing options. 

No matter what tool you use to make your next meme, be sure it gives you the option to download and share it on social media for the best chance to go viral.

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