How to Create a Successful Dating App: A Step-by-Step Guide for Business Owners & Developers

How to Create a Successful Dating App A Step-by-Step Guide for Business Owners & Developers

Have you ever dreamt of running a lucrative business from home? The most important considerations are, firstly, focusing on a topic you understand and can create related content for, and secondly, choosing a subject that can be successfully monetized.

An obvious contender would have to be online dating. With upwards of one-in-three relationships now liable to have been instigated in the digital environment, more and more singles are opting to search for partners via laptops or smart devices.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of putting together a dating app that is going to attract lots of web traffic (that can be converted into a decent income), here is your step-by-step guide for business owners and developers.

Which dating area to cover?

Digital dating has become a competitive marketplace, so when you’re at the basic planning stage, you’ll need to have a strong idea about your niche. Who is your target audience? Appreciating this detail is crucial because your app will succeed or fail depending on how well you attract these customers, and then compel them to keep returning to use your service.

There are already thousands of dating resources out there, which might put a dent in your ambitions. But what you also have to keep in mind are the vast numbers of singles eager to try new platforms. Local hookups are especially popular, as people are growing to love the thought of arranging casual encounters via the discreet messaging channels offered by these apps.

Statistics have revealed that well over 300 million users were arranging romance via screens last year, so you could certainly launch a local hookup site. A more recommended approach would be to think of an angle that hasn’t been covered before. Perhaps a niche area you could make your own. This is where you can allow your creative imagination to run riot.

A site aimed at singles who love Marvel movies. How about a dating outlet for lesbian soccer fans? Once you’ve decided what your subject is going to be, you’ll need to commit wholeheartedly to making your venture stand out from the crowd. Believe in your dating app and be passionate about getting your unique message out there.

1. Check out the competition

Go to your favorite app store and search for dating apps. If they offer free registration, then go to the trouble of joining. Spend some time getting a feel of the services on offer. How good is the navigability? Are there forums or social media ‘share’ buttons? Take notes. How much do they charge for premium subscription services, and what additional features are available to members? Are the design templates attractive? Could you use a web-building tool to download and then customize similar layouts?

2. Do you need a development team?

How competent are you at coding? The good news is you don’t need to be an IT guru these days when it comes to creating online content. Sites like WordPress offer a variety of bespoke HTML solutions that can easily be downloaded and then used as a basis for your site. Perhaps you’d rather have the flexibility of having your site developed in-house but by experts in their field.

This would allow you to create an eye-catching app but this will eat into your budget. These are all management decisions you should resolve nearer the outset of your project, rather than when it is underway when any changes in your decisions are likely to incur greater costs to fix.

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3. Differentiate between free and pay-to-access content

You’ll need to design landing pages that are both attractive to casual web browsers, and also free. When people are surfing and seeking a site to join, they won’t look twice at your home page if the first thing they see is a demand to pay a registration fee. It would make more business sense to offer free membership, allow your customers to get a feel of some basic services, and then introduce the payment plan.

Once you’ve got them introduced to the diverse range of adult hook-up opportunities on offer, you can add the enticement of extra features and tools.

4. Promote your app

Your business should never be static. Always think of ways to keep customers coming back. Set up mailing lists for subscribed clients for advance notice of new features. Invite reviews that can be shared via social media platforms.

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