How to Fix Revolut Account Restricted in 2023 (My personal experience) 

How to Fix Revolut Account Restricted

Last week, I found myself in rather frustrating trouble when my Revolut account suddenly became restricted. To add to my bewilderment, I had been a loyal customer for over two years without encountering any issues. So, it was genuinely surprising and inconvenient when I woke up one morning unable to access my account.

My initial reaction was one of irritation, and I can’t say I blame myself. As a blog writer, I heavily depend on Revolut for managing my business finances and facilitating transfers. The prospect of not having access to my account was threatening to throw a wrench into my carefully planned week.

However, I decided to take a step back and take a deep breath. I knew that reacting with frustration wouldn’t resolve the issue, so I logged into the Revolut app to reach out to their customer support. I composed a calm message explaining my situation and inquired about the steps necessary to lift the temporary restrictions on my account.

In response, the Revolut agent informed me that they required additional verification to confirm my identity and ensure the security of my account. This entailed submitting a photo ID, answering some security questions, and even providing a selfie for facial recognition. While this process was slightly inconvenient, I recognized the importance of these security measures, and without hesitation, I provided all the requested information accurately.

The agent assured me that their security team would expedite the review of my verification details. In the interim, I was granted limited read-only access to my account, which allowed me to monitor any activity.

Over the course of the next 48 hours, I made polite follow-up inquiries every 8-10 hours via the in-app chat. On the third day, I finally received confirmation that my account had been fully reinstated. In total, it took approximately 72 hours to regain complete access to my account. Although the initial frustration was hard to ignore, I came to appreciate Revolut’s commitment to safeguarding account security.

Fix Revolut Account Restricted

Below I have gone through the key steps you should take to get your restricted Revolut account reopened quickly:

Account Restricted

Contact Support Calmly But Urgently

The moment you notice your Revolut account is restricted, your first move should be to contact customer support. I recommend using the in-app chat feature so you can get real-time back-and-forth communication.

Explain your situation calmly but firmly, making it clear you need the issue resolved ASAP. Provide any details you have about why your account may have been restricted in the first place.

Request escalation to a specialist if needed until you are speaking with someone who can investigate your specific case. Remain polite but persistent in pushing for the quickest resolution timeline possible.

Comply Fully With Verification Requests

In most cases, restricted accounts need to go through identity verification before being reopened. Expect to be asked for information like:

  • Up-to-date photo ID
  • Selfie for facial recognition match
  • Answers to in-depth security questions
  • Recent bank account statements
  • Proof of address

Make sure to supply everything requested promptly and accurately. This shows good faith on your part and prevents any delays from incomplete verification. If any verification details are invalid or inadequate, it could drag out the process significantly.

Follow Up Diligently

Don’t just submit your verification materials and hope for the best. Make sure to proactively follow up every 24 hours until your account is fully reinstated.

Use any communication channel available – chat, email, phone support, social media. Repeatedly but politely ask for status updates on your case. Express that you urgently need account access restored.

This persistent follow-up prevents your case from falling through the cracks. It signals to support this is a priority issue requiring their prompt attention.

Avoid Aggression and Threats

It’s understandable to feel angry and frustrated if your account restriction is dragging on. However, it’s crucial to avoid directing aggression or threats at Revolut staff if you want results.

Antagonistic language and behavior almost never expedite outcomes from customer support. In fact, it can work against you by removing the motivation to help.

Keep communication calm but firm. Express urgency but don’t accuse or attack agents who are trying their best to assist you.

As A Last Resort, Involve Regulatory Bodies

Hopefully escalating a formal complaint internally will get your account restriction resolved promptly. However, if Revolut continues dragging its feet, you can request intervention from banking authorities.

In the UK, this would mean escalating the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. In Europe, contact the European Banking Authority.

Involving regulatory oversight lights a fire under financial companies to resolve account issues immediately. Be sure you have all case details and communication records to provide.


Getting a restricted Revolut account reopened takes persistence and patience – but it can be done. Don’t take “no” for an answer when you clearly explain the urgency and provide all requested verification materials.

With calm but relentless follow-up using the steps outlined here, you can get customer support on your side to prioritize reactivating your account access. Don’t stop until you get confirmation your account restriction has been fully lifted.

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