20 Best Web Directory Submission Sites in 2024

Best Web Directory Submission Sites

Directories submission sites are an important part of any SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimization involves a range of on-page and off-page SEO activities that help to boost the visibility and ranking of your website.

Therefore, submitting your articles or page URLs to these sites helps in ranking your blog higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

They help in SEO by indexing your website and adding quality backlinks to your website profile. 

And as a result, your business or website may have a possibility to reach a wider audience through the internet and you may see a surge in your website traffic.

Types of Directory Submission Sites😀

There are basically two types of directory submission sites based on backlink types: 

🟣Dofollow Directory Submission Sites: For bloggers and webmasters looking to increase their blog’s rankings, dofollow directory listing websites are a sure way to help get your site higher positions in search engine results.

🟣Nofollow Directory Submission Sites: These types often fail to deliver the promised higher search engine rankings. However, you could still submit it here for your site exposure.

In short, Dofollow Directory Submission Sites >> Nofollow Directory Submission Sites.

Other categories of directory submission sites:

Note: The below directory submission sites may or may not be Dofollow. 

👉Free Directory Submission Sites: You can submit your business name, description, and URL for free on these sites. 

👉Paid Listing Directory Submission Sites:  You’d need to pay to get your business name, description, and URL added to these sites. 

👉Niche Directory Submission Sites:  These directories are sites that target specific subjects or business types. For example Tech, Software, Business, Marketing, etc. 

👉Regional or Local Directory Submission Sites: These sites rank your website locally. They provide a local SEO boost by connecting your website to businesses and organizations that are in your neighbourhood or target location. For example, Local Directory Submission Sites in the United States, or Local Directory Submission Sites in India. 

👉Automated Directory Submission: Submitting to sites using software tools or automatic online submission sites. They often don’t work so not recommended.

How to submit your site or business on Directory Submission Sites?😊

Let us show you how you can submit your website to the right directories so that it is well-represented on search engines.

1. Select from the list of best directory submission websites from this article. 

2. Go to the site and registered a new account if required. 

3. Select the category that matches your business niche. 

4. Add your business or blog name, description, site web address, business social media profiles, etc. 

5. Click on submit button to submit your site. 

6. Wait for approval by the site administrator if not instantly approved.

Points to keep in mind whilst doing Directory Submission🤔

While submitting your site to directories, you should keep a few things in mind. The following tips and recommendations will help you get the most out of directory submissions.

1. Check whether a particular directory is indexed by Google, Bing and other major search engines. 

You won’t wish to waste your efforts submitting to directories with no search engine presence. Therefore, simply type the directory web address on a search engine in this format: “site: www.einsstark.tech” or “site: www.directoryname.com”. If the site shows up, you can proceed to submit your business there. 

2. Check the Domain Authority of the directory. The higher the domain authority, the better the link value. 

3. Check guidelines specific to the directory before submitting your site. 

4. Use an appropriate title, and description, with your correct blog address. Remember not to spam!

5. Check approval status. Some directories may take a few hours before including your business in their listings. 

With that said, let’s go through the list of best directory submission sites without any further ado. 

Best Free Directory Submission Sites😎

S. No.WebsiteDomain Authority (DA)
S. No.Website Domain Authority (DA)
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