Fix: Canon TS3122 Printer Not Responding or Printing (2024)

Canon TS3122 Printer Not Responding or Printing

If your Canon Pixma TS3122 Printer is not responding (or printing), go to “Troubleshoot” settings on Windows Start Menu > Underneath “Get up and running” option, select “Printer” > Click and select “Run the Troubleshooter”. Wait and let the troubleshooter resolve the issue. Once fixed, restart the printer. 

Canon is a brand name that’s synonymous with quality printing solutions. For years, the company has been helping people print documents and photos. 

It recently introduced several innovative products that have helped millions of people print digital media, including music files, videos, and business reports.

The Canon TS3122 printer is a top-quality printer that offers users a wide range of features. It’s an all-in-one, wireless inkjet printer that can perform very smoothly.

This printer comes with a wireless connection and is also an all-in-one multifunctional inkjet printer.

It is not uncommon for printers to have problems running, and the Canon TS3122 is no exception.

Below we have shared troubleshooting tips to fix the Canon TS3122 Printer not responding or printing issues. 

Why is my Canon TS3122 printer not printing? 

If you want to ensure that your Canon TS3122 printer works as it should, try to check the following: Unplug the printer from the wall and wait for a few seconds. Plug the cable back into the wall; turn on the printer by pressing its power button. Wait until the lamp turns on and is not flashing.

Once the printer is ready and the lamp is fixed, you can start printing. To remove any pending print jobs, try to cancel the process and then try again.

Printer settings can be tricky. Make sure the printer is plugged in, and that your paper settings match those for the rear tray.

If your computer is connected to the Canon TS3122 via Wi-Fi, check that your wireless router is still functioning properly. Also, make sure that you have inserted all of the correct wires into their proper slots. 

If those don’t work, it might be due to a hardware issue with the printer, or it could be that you need to replace its cartridges. 

Troubleshooting Canon TS3122 Printer 

If you’re having trouble with your Canon printer, check to see if it has indicator lights that flash in a specific pattern. Then, check out the manual you got with the product to see if this is an error code. If you don’t have it, get it from here:

Make sure the power cord is plugged into the wall outlet and that the USB cable is properly connected to your computer. You have to lift the lid on your printer and peek inside to see if there is a wad of paper stuck in the feed. 

It could be possible your computer stops recognizing your printer, or the print queue stops responding due to a gremlin in the printer, try printing something new. Also, restart your computer. 

Furthermore, uninstall and reinstall the Canon printer software on your PC. You can navigate to their official web page on your web browser, and download the most recent version of the software driver from there.

That’s all! We can conclude this article. We hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions, comment below. Thanks for reading. 

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