7 Best Free IP Stressers to Use in 2024

Best Free IP Stressers to Use

Do you have a website? Then this blog is for you. Have you ever experienced a website crash? If yes, then it is not perfect for visitors. The cause of website crashes is huge traffic.

If a website suddenly experiences more traffic than its capacity, it can crash.

But how can one check the capacity of a website? Do not stress because you have an IP stresser to check your website’s traffic capability.

So, in this blog, we will talk about the best free IP stressers one can use to check the traffic on his website. First, let us know what an IP stresser is.

What is an IP Stresser?

It is a tool that assesses a web server’s capacity to deal with users on any website. Both free and paid IP stresses are accessible in the market. Using this tool can help you determine whether the bandwidth, CPU, and other resources you currently utilize are suitable to handle the increased load.

Usually, IP stressing is done before running the web server. Utilizing the IP stresser, traffic demand is tested. The web server’s visits are analyzed. The decision is then made as to whether to increase the web server’s capacity or if it is sufficient to manage the real traffic level comparable to that tested with the IP stresser. Further, we will discuss some of the best free IP stressers one can use for web servers.

7 Top Free IP Stressers To Use

When choosing the IP stresser you are interested in using with your web server, one needs to take proper caution because numerous attackers may use it against users. You can utilize several services that we’ve carefully selected without worrying about a server attack.


MAXSTRESSER is a powerful IP-stresser and server testing tool, that offers the best technology available in the market. Maximum stability and the highest throughput will allow you to conduct load stress testing of any servers. No delays, instant launch of tasks, and full control over all processes. The service provides anonymity, accessibility, and expert IP verification. Unrivaled power to easily upload IP addresses to Cloudflare.

Dedicated MAXSTRESSER servers are connected to a common 1 GBps port through which traffic passes using IP spoofing technology. Support will answer any question within a few minutes at any time of the day.

MAXSTRESSER will allow you to run Layer 4, Layer 7, and all other existing types of testing:

  • Effective ways to bypass AMP and UDP/TCP for higher load on XBOX/PSN/PS4 networks;
  • RakNet, one of the most popular cross-platform multiplayer game engines, allows you to test games such as DDoS Rust, Minecraft PE, RageMP, and many others;
  • FiveM, a way to bypass GTA V servers using the FiveM multiplayer mod;
  • SAMP, a method created specifically for testing SAMP servers and capable of bypassing most of the protection;
  • SourceLite, Source, SourceOVH, and other methods for testing games on Source/GoldSrc engines, one of the most popular is Garry’s Mod.

Modern Layer 7 techniques are used for load testing of HTTP-enabled servers. We provide the most advanced technology on the market, allowing you to work effectively with 99.9% of servers. Our methods allow you to bypass most firewalls, including any JS issues, rate limits, Captcha, Cloudflare, and more.

2. Free Stresser

Free stresser is a straightforward IP stresser one should definitely try. You are given 1 GBPS of bandwidth to use for the stress test. There is no registration or login required. But you will face 50 IP tests daily. 

You only need to enter your server’s IP address and click Launch Stress Test to use this service. It is best for individuals who do not like to log in and avoid registration.

3. Stresser AI

Stresser AI

The users will receive approximately 1 Gbps of bandwidth from Stresser AI, allowing them to launch around fifty stress attacks every day. Attacks at Layers 4 and 7 are up to them. For up to three hundred seconds, the IP stress test measures how well the web server manages the traffic. There is no need to sign up, register, or spend anything to utilize this tool for IP stressing.

Stresser AI has the capacity to go around many DDoS defenses, including DDoS guard, Cloudflare, and others.

4. StressThem


One of the most powerful IP stressers on the market, StressThem has a 1000 Gbit/s capacity. To get free IP stressing for your web server, all you need to do is register for a free account. You are given 1 Gbps of bandwidth to test your server after signing up.

It offers both free and paid services.

5. Instant Stresser

Instant Stresser is one of the most popular IP stressors available. This Stresser delivers reliable and expert stress attacks to conduct testing for any business. One can use their free plans, and their service is among the most effective among IP stressers.

The Instant Stresser is simple and quick to use. Because they don’t maintain any of your records, this IP Stresser is also highly reliable and one of the best proxy websites to use. It uses IP spoofing to send attacks, making them undetectable. According to the features they provide, their paid scheme is worth trying.

6. Str3ssed

They claim that they are the most dependable IP booter available online. They have been functioning for seven years. For handling IP stress, they provide a 700 Gbps network capacity. Str3ssed offers both paid and free services. When you sign up with str3ssed, you have the benefit of using less than 1Gbps capability for 12 hours with a boot time of 300 seconds.

One DDOS attack cannot assess the server’s traffic load reduction abilities. To test your servers, Str3ssed provides customized protocols. Moreover, they provide separate bypass techniques that are exceptional to them.

7. Nightmare Stresser

Nightmare Stresser provides the most useful and most effective L4 and L7 IP stressing techniques and bypasses available. During a test session, they do not set limits on floods. Therefore, clients may submit an unlimited number of layer 4 and layer 7 floods per day.

NightmareStresser is compatible with iOS, Android, and gaming consoles. Furthermore, they also accept the TOR Browser and VPNs. This service maintains a record of the IP stressing activities, which they delete every twenty-four hours.


These are some of the best free IP stressors one can use. Each stresser in the list possesses different features and capacities to offer. Additionally, they are free, but to level up, one can invest in their paid plans. Now, you can stop crashing your website and enhance it.

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