20 Best Discord Themes for BetterDiscord in 2024

Best Discord Themes for BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord is an unofficial add-on that takes the Discord experience to the next level. Going beyond what standard Discord offers, BetterDiscord lets you truly personalize and trick out your Discord client. We’re talking killer interface customizations, handy plugins, and the whole shebang.

With the right themes and tweaks enabled, you can deck out your Discord server with an aesthetically pleasing, functionally enhanced environment tailored specifically to your tastes. Want scrolling server backgrounds, customized keyboard shortcuts, and chat filters? BetterDiscord opens the door to all that and more. No two customized Discord installs have to look the same anymore.

How To Configure BetterDiscord?

Before installing the modified version of BetterDiscord, you must know that using this unofficial app may lead to violations of rules and terms. Thus, putting your original account at risk of being banned. However, if you’re using BetterDiscord within legal limits, you’re good to go!

You can get the BetterDiscord app for both Windows and Mac by following these steps:

  1. Start by navigating the official BetterDiscord site.
  2. You’ll find a noticeable ‘Download’ button on the page.
  3. Launch the downloaded application to start the installation.
  4. Click on ‘Next.’ by accepting the terms of the license agreement.
  5. On the subsequent screen, click the first option, ‘Install BetterDiscord,’ and click ‘Next.’
  6. Select your Discord version and click ‘Install.’
  7. Wait for the installation to finish.

Keep in mind that the installation of BetterDiscord won’t run until you restart the original Discord application.

How Do We Obtain BetterDiscord Themes?

Downloading BetterDiscord themes is a straightforward task. You can get BetterDiscord custom themes by following these steps:

  1. Launch BetterDiscord and go to the BetterDiscord Themes library page.
  2. Take a look at various themes in the library and pick your favorite.
  3. Just click on the “download” button and get the theme file.

According to the experts of CDR Engineers Australia, explore a universe of customization and personalization through these easy steps for BetterDiscord themes. You can also go for Betterdiscord theme maker for customized themes.

Top 20 Best Themes For BetterDiscord

1. The Basic Background Theme

This theme provides the power to personalize almost every aspect of your viewing experience. You can modify the opacity of the background and choose the accent color.

It has a large download count which indicates its increased popularity and its user-friendly functionality.

2. The Server List Theme

This theme allows you to customize the appearance of your server list at the top of the screen. It gives freedom to change colors, fonts, and design elements to match your interests and style. 

3. The Mountain Site Theme

There are various customization options offered with this well-made theme. It is easy to operate and only requires a few clicks. The design shows a moon above a mountainside.

4. The Clear Vision Theme

Those who want to make an impact with their theme will discover the attractive blue accents. This theme provides many customization options, like background images, color highlights, edge shapes, and additional features.

5. The Ultra theme

Users can change the Discord interface’s colors, fonts, and design elements by installing this theme. It allows users to create a Discord interface that can be customized to their preferences thanks to its customization options.

6. The Radial Status Theme

By using this theme, users can customize their themes from the BetterDiscord interface by making their status icons look circular. It has a visually distinctive appearance because of its radial status indicator design.

7. The Nox Theme

Often with a sleek and dark style, the Nox theme improves the interface’s visual looks. For a more visually pleasing experience, users can modify Discord by changing the fonts, colors, and other design elements.

8. The midnight UI Theme

This theme is known for its ominous, midnight-themed aesthetic. Users can customize their Discord experience to be darker and more visually immersive by applying this theme.

9. The Akame_Ga_kill Theme

Influenced by the anime and manga series “Akame Ga Kill!”, these are BetterDiscord anime themes.

Users can use it to change their Discord interface, giving it the series’ themes and visual aesthetic for a distinctive and unique Discord experience.

10. The Translucence Theme

A semi-transparent visual style for your Discord interface is the specialty of this modified theme. You can use this theme to give your Discord experience something special. It will look different and a little transparent.

11. The CyberPunk Theme

There’s a cyberpunk game that inspired this theme. It adds neon colors, futuristic fonts, and dark backgrounds to your Discord interface, giving it a futuristic look. By personalizing Discord, users can immerse themselves in an aesthetically captivating cyberpunk-inspired environment.

12. The Zelk Theme

This is the theme inspired by Zorin OS. By changing the CSS file, users can choose from a variety of color schemes, like gray, purple, green, orange, and red. Because it offers several color options in a single theme profile, it is noteworthy.

13. The Neutron Theme

Because of its high degree of customization, this theme has become increasingly popular among viewers who have grown weary of other formulaic Discord themes. The blue background of this theme is comfortable for the user’s eyes.

14. The Dracula Theme

This theme makes your Discord interface look better by including the popular “Dracula” color scheme. Dark backgrounds with vivid pinks and purples are common.

By using this theme, you can give your Discord a sleek, eye-catching appearance, making it a popular option for people who like this particular color scheme and modern style design.

15. The FallOut 4 Terminal Theme

This theme was motivated by retro-futuristic computer terminals found in the video game “Fallout 4”. It evokes a feeling of immersion and nostalgia by replicating the famous green writing on a black backdrop.

This theme will provide your Discord with a unique retro computing vibe, which will be attractive to especially “Fallout” fans and those who like retro computer designs.

16. The Calm and Clean Streets Theme

The aim of this theme is to provide your Discord interface with a calm, simple visual style. This theme usually includes a simple, basic design with minimal accents and soft colors. You can use this theme to make a visually calm and well-organized Discord atmosphere.

17. The Spotify Discord Theme

The purpose of the Spotify Discord Theme is to replicate the UI of the music streaming service Spotify. It covers style, color scheme, and font choices that were influenced by Spotify’s user interface. You can use this theme to create a Discord interface that matches Spotify.

18. The GGO KiritoTheme

This theme is made for Sword Art Online fans. It incorporates a striking, bloody-red accent to add drama to the user interface. It’s not a fixed design so you can customize various elements by editing the GGO_Kirito.theme.css file.

19. The Fluent Theme

It is inspired by the designed principles of “Microsoft Fluent Design”. This theme usually includes sleek and visually attractive components, emulating the aesthetics of Microsoft’s design language. You can shape your interface to align with the principles of Fluent Design, providing a modern and user-friendly visual experience.

20. The Slate Theme

The slate theme, created after GitHub, has been regularly well-received by users since its launch. This theme makes your interface clean and well-organized with useful technical features. In addition, when utilizing this theme, you’ll be able to see the current server and channels you’re on. It’s a fantastic theme that you can try it out.


BetterDiscord theme is amazing for those who want a higher level of customization and additional features in their Discord experience. You can apply themes, plugins, and other modifications to personalize the appearance and functions of Discord. 

It’s important to note that BetterDiscord is a third-party extension that violates the terms and conditions of Discord. It is not officially supported by Discord so users should use it with their caution. Using BetterDiscord is not advised but still, if you want to take a risk then go ahead. If you decide to stop using Discord in the future, you can uninstall it.


  1. Can Using BetterDiscord Get You Banned?

    Simply using BetterDiscord on its own does not put your account at risk. However, if you misuse the service or employ plugins that violate the Terms of Service, your account may be terminated. It’s crucial to emphasize that plugins obtained from the official website are safe to use.

  2. Does BetterDiscord Show Deleted Messages?

    Yes. It’s possible to see deleted messages on Discord by using third-party apps like BetterDiscord.

  3. Is BetterDiscord Legal?

    BetterDiscord does violate Discord’s terms by modifying the client, but there’s no clear evidence that Discord actively monitors or takes action against users who use these modifications. At present, using BetterDiscord alone doesn’t seem to put your account at immediate risk.

  4. Can I Use BetterDiscord On Mobile Devices?

    As of now, BetterDiscord is primarily designed for the desktop version of Discord. Mobile devices may not be supported, and attempting to use BetterDiscord on mobile may result in unexpected problems.

  5. Why Did BetterDiscord Stop Working?

    This error is commonly triggered by outdated plugins or an outdated BetterDiscord version. Ensure that both your BetterDiscord installation and your plugins and keys are up to date to resolve the issue.

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