Zynn Application Removed From Google Play Store

Zynn Application Removed From Google Play Store

TikTok users had no permission to upload their content to Zynn nor they did themselves. 

Most users’ accounts were cloned on Zynn using their names, profile logo, and content that was uploaded months ago on Tiktok

The spokesperson of Zynn reported and acknowledged the companies’ irregularities when the application was removed from the Google Play Store.

“The company communicates with Google and tries to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” he said.

Google has not provided an explanation of the deletion of applications yet, but Zynn can still be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

Zynn appears at the top of the download chart on iOS and Android in early May. It was Zynn as iOS’s most downloaded free app at the end of May and Google Play Store’s top 10 downloads.

One reason for the growth is the application reward scheme, which pays users to watch videos and recruit friends.  

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