YoWhatsApp APK Download Official Latest Version [2023]

YoWhatsApp Download Latest APK

YoWhatsApp APK updated latest version download:  If you find your default WhatsApp app a bit boring, then download the YoWhatsApp APK. The mod gives you a fresh look at the popular messaging app by adding call, text, video calling, file sharing, and many other features.

You can set up two WhatsApp accounts using YoWhatsApp. It is recommended that you register a secondary phone number in order to use YoWhatsApp with multiple WhatsApp accounts.

YoWhatsApp (YoWA) is a mod that lets you customize the app according to your preferences. You may also check out these other WhatsApp mods at Einsstark.

One important feature of YOWhatsApp is that it lets you forward messages to up to 300 recipients. In official WhatsApp, you can send messages to only five people at a time. By switching to YOWhatsApp, you can send messages to up to 300 people. Cool isn’t it? Let’s know more. 

What is YoWhatsApp?

Now let’s talk about YoWhatsApp, a free mod for the popular messaging application. You can personalize conversations with backgrounds, fonts, and other features. The app also enables you to send full-sized photos and videos, as well as send up to 700 images all at once. You can also hide the name of your contacts.

Note: Many people think that using a modified version of WhatsApp will lead to banning from the original app. However, this is not true; we share APK download links on our page so you can easily download and use the YoWhatsApp APK on any device without getting banned.

YoWA is a WhatsApp alternative that uses the official version’s design, with the added benefit of being able to send video and voice messages.

1. To download YoWhatsApp, you need to have an up-to-date version of Android. You can do this by following a few steps. Firstly, you need to have the latest version of Android installed on your smartphone or tablet.

2. After you have downloaded the latest version of YoWhatsApp, you will need to verify your phone number before you can use it.

3.  Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to create an account.

Download YoWhatsApp APK latest version – Below is the latest released version of YoWhatsApp. Check out the older versions (should you need them) in the following section.

YoWhatsApp Updated APK Download 2022 Latest v9.45 For Android😀

Note: YoWhatsApp is available for download on Android devices. It is compatible with Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Samsung, and more. Any smartphone running Android 4.0 or higher will support YoWhatsApp APK.

App NameYoWhatsApp
VersionLatest Version
Size35.36 MB
Requirement Android 4 or higher
Total Downloads 1,000,000+
Last Link UpdateToday


Older Versions 😃:

1. YoWhatsApp 21.10.0

2. YoWhatsApp 21.00.0

3. YoWhatsApp 20.40.0

4. YoWhatsApp 20.39.0

5. YoWhatsApp 20.31.0

6. YoWhatsApp 20.30.0

😍 Other WhatsApp MOD Apps:

How To Update FMWhatsApp

To update YoWhatsApp, you have to open your device’s Settings. From there, head to the Security option and select “Unknown Sources” from the list of options. This will allow you to install apps from outside of Google Play. Now, visit this page and download the latest version of YoWhatsApp for your Android device.

After downloading the file, tap on it to begin the installation. You can also use a file manager app such as ES File Explorer for this purpose. When you’re done installing YoWhatsApp on your Android phone or tablet, all that’s left is to open up the app and start using it as usual.

1. In order to update YoWhatsApp, you must first ensure that you have the latest version of Android installed on your phone.

2. To install the latest version, you must uninstall the previous version first. After installing the new version, you can restore your chat messages. It may take some time to do this but try it again after a couple of hours.

3. To update YoWhatsApp, you must have available storage space and an internet connection.

4. To avoid any possible ban issues, you can use a temporary or secondary phone number for YoWhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp Latest Version Features (briefly explained)

Freeze last seen: This feature allows you to freeze a message before sending it so that if it is read by someone else and you want to undo the action, you can easily do so without having to delete the message in its entirety.

Hide blue tick: If you don’t want other people to know when they received your messages, this feature is for you. It hides the blue tick mark on the top right corner of your chats which indicates that someone has read your message.

More stickers and emojis: The new update brings more stickers and emojis to YoWhatsApp. You can now send emoticons and stickers through WhatsApp as well as add them to your conversations easily.

Dark/light theme: If you want your chats dark or light, then this option will allow you to toggle between both themes easily from within the app itself!

Check out all the listed features of YoWhatsApp below. 

YoWhatsApp Features:

  • Option to put an image next to the bubbles
  • Show Blue Ticks After Reply.
  • Hide Date and Time when copying messages
  • Picture in conversation outside/inside
  • Picture in groups outside/inside
  • Built-in Whatsapp locker
  • Hide view status 
  • Enable/Disable message counter from launcher or home screen
  • Send More Than 10 Images Simultaneously
  • Hide delivered and blue ticks
  • Hide typing and recording action text
  • Message a number without saving any contact
  • Disable forwarded tag on messages
  • Anti-Delete status and messages:
  • Set wallpapers on the home screen
  • Forward background-color
  • Participants Color
  • Voice note play button color
  • Choose who can call you 
  • Voice note play bar
  • Forward icon color
  • Freeze your last seen
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Disabled forward tagging
  • Hides media from the gallery
  • Loading theme doesn’t apply to wallpaper
  • WhatsApp wrong size on some phones

Full features are explained in the below section. 

YoWhatsApp Latest Version Features

The YoThemes Store is a one-stop shop for customizing the interface of the official version of the app. Install the YoWA mod, and you can choose from over 4000 free themes from the store.

Furthermore, if you are tired of the same home screen, install this WhatsApp mod and you can change the home and conversation screens as you like.

Close the conversation screen by swiping left: This feature allows you to close the conversation screen just by swiping left on it.

App Language: You can change the language of YoWhatsApp by downloading the language of your choice.

Contact Online Notifier: It allows you to be notified when your contact goes online.

Text size: You can change the size of the text on your main screen. 

Hide Chat Divider: This feature enables you to hide your chatroom dividers to give your chatbox a unique look.

Some people may want to turn off the notification badges, as they can be distracting. You can now disable the notification badges in this app. Also, the official WhatsApp app allows users to play audio files and voice messages via a notification. This feature can be disabled by going to the YoWA settings.

Recent message button: When you tap the recent message button in a conversation with a friend, all your chats will appear as cards.

Change Launcher Icons: You can change the launcher icon of your YoWhatsApp. You can also change it to your liking by using a custom image.

Customize your chatroom: Customize your chatroom background with this mod, which enables you to set a unique wallpaper for each contact.

Copying messages: When copying messages, remove the date and time from the copy so you are left with only the text you want to copy.

You can also turn off the contact profile photo in your chat. This feature is useful if you do not want to see the photos of your contacts. Only their names will be displayed on your chats. Furthermore, if you prefer to see only photos of your contacts and not their names, you can go ahead and activate this setting. 

700MBs Limit: Other messaging apps put a limit on file sizes. YoWhatsApp allows users to send large and high-quality video files, up to 700 MB per video file.

Send multiple photos: The mod sends up to ten images simultaneously. It cuts down the time it takes to send multiple photos.

HD image sharing: YoWhatsApp sends photos in full resolution. Unlike other messaging apps, which compress images to reduce data usage, YoWA preserves the original resolution of photos.

Block contacts: Blocking is a feature that lets you prevent someone from reaching out to you. To do this, go to the contact’s profile in your YoWhatsApp app and turn on the feature.

Hide view status: This feature makes your status invisible to the other person. You can still see the other person’s status, but they can’t see yours.

Anti-delete status: This feature allows you to see the stories and watch video statuses of your friends who have already removed these from their profiles. This feature allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest news without missing out on important information.

Recover deleted messages: The original version of WhatsApp did not allow users to read messages that had been deleted from the conversation, but with this latest update of YoWhatsApp, deleted messages are no longer hidden from you.

Freeze last seen: The freeze-last-seen feature allows you to respond or remove messages without worrying about being seen. This feature freezes last seen from the other party until you indicate otherwise.

Show blue ticks after reply: After you reply to a message, a blue tick appears next to the sender’s name. This feature is useful for busy people who need to respond immediately but still want to see if their message has been read by the recipient.

Fix: YOWhatsApp Not Working Or Installing 

If you are experiencing issues with the latest version of YOWhatsApp, the following section will help you find solutions. You can try these solutions to fix this problem:

1. If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, try switching to a 3G/4G connection instead. If this does not work, you may need to call your provider for assistance.

2. To download YoWhatsApp’s latest version, you will need an updated and latest version of the Android operating system. If you have the latest version of Android and can’t install the APK, check to see if your device has enough space on internal storage. If not, try removing or uninstalling some apps, or move some apps to an external USB drive.

3. Other factors that should be considered include how much battery life is left on your device and whether it has a minimum of 200MB of storage available.

Wrapping it up 

Mods—add-ons that expand functionality in an app—have become more popular with developers and enthusiasts sharing their work with other users. Because of this trend, everyone wants to have a mod of an app over using the original and official version. 

Modifications of the official WhatsApp app have been made by various developers, who have added new features that are lacking from the original. YoWhatsApp (YoWA), GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and FMWhatsApp are just a few among the long list of WhatsApp mods out there.

WhatsApp has become a popular messaging service because of its simplicity and reliability. It can be found on every mobile device, and the app has limited customization options. 

The only way to get more features is by installing third-party apps, which is a risky process. However, if you want to add new features to WhatsApp then you should try out YoWhatsApp or any other WhatsApp Mods. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic, comment below. And I shall reply to your comments. 

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