WP Rocket Latest Version [v3.11.4.2] Free Download 

WP Rocket Latest Version Download

WP Rocket is an easy-to-use, blazing fast WordPress caching plugin that speeds up your site by removing unnecessary database queries and reducing page load times.

WP Rocket has been developed for speed and reliability. It is based on the most advanced caching technology to keep your site blazing fast and help protect against DDoS attacks. You can easily use the WP Rocket Performance Tool to analyze your site’s performance and find out where the slowest parts are.

WP Rocket Latest Version

The WP Rocket plugin is a powerful, fully-featured WordPress caching and optimization plugin that enables you to easily speed up your site by reducing server load, increasing page load speed, and improving overall site performance.

WP Rocket allows you to make several optimizations to improve your site’s performance:

  • Page caching – cache static pages, images, videos, and more.
  • Memory caching – cache static resources such as CSS and JS files.
  • Caching of database queries – reduce database queries by keeping them in memory.
  • Redirects caching – save the time of redirecting users when they click a link on your site.
  • And more. 

WP Rocket Latest Version [v3.11.4.2] Download 

Please note: Any other caching plugin should be removed before installing WP Rocket.

Official Website: https://wp-rocket.me/


WP Rocket Features 

These are the listed features of the WP Rocket WordPress Plugin.  

  • Files compression support
  • Custom cache lifespan
  • Allows you to Prefetch DNS requests
  • Forced cache refresh option
  • Preloading of pages
  • Preload URL’s from sitemaps
  • GZip compressio2
  • Optimization of Google fonts
  • Preload cache support
  • Reduce the size of the database by optimization
  • Browser caching support
  • Allows you to remove query strings
  • Helps you to get 90+ Google page speed insights score
  • Integration with Cloudflare
  • Different cache for mobile site
  • Improve the overall performance of the site
  • Compatible with CDN
  • Easy to configure and setup
  • No technical knowledge is required to use
  • Works with all types of sites
  • Easy to understand settings
  • Automatically enables recommended settings on installation
  • Lazy images, iFrames, and videos
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