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Although WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, many users have become bored with its default features. As a result, several modifications of the app have emerged on the market, such as WhatsApp Plus Reborn. However, before I discuss this modification in detail, I would like to inform you about other similar applications that can be found on Einsstark.

What Are WhatsApp MOD Apps? 

When WhatsApp was first introduced to the world, it was a simple service with a simple purpose: text messaging. Since then, it has grown into an all-in-one communication app that includes video and voice calling, photo sharing, and now even the ability to send money using Facebook’s Messenger platform. 

And while it’s still used for its primary purpose of sending text messages, many users have begun using the app for other things—and in turn, there is a rise in the production of third-party software modifications (or mods) for the app.

These mods are most commonly associated with how you can use WhatsApp, but some of them also include features that were not included in the original app. For example, you might find a mod that allows you to turn your profile picture into a GIF image or one that allows you to change the chat background from being plain white to a more interesting color or pattern. 

While they add an interesting and playful aspect to the way you interact with WhatsApp, these mods are also possibly putting your privacy at risk. The reason: by downloading these modifications, you’re opening yourself up to attacks from hackers who could use such mods as an access point to your private chats and photos.

What is WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is a modified version of the popular messaging application WhatsApp. The original app, which was created by WhatsApp Inc., was one of the most popular social chatting apps in the world, available for multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is different from the original app because it can be used on multiple devices at once. This means that you can send messages to your family members on your phone while at work, and then check in with another group of friends when you get home—all without having to switch devices. 

WhatsApp Plus Reborn also comes preloaded with more than 80 emojis and lets users save their favorite GIFs, audio clips, and images. The ability to change between text and voice messages makes it a powerful communications tool for those who want to use it as phone service. There are also plenty of other features that have been added or enhanced.

All of these features come together to create an app that works seamlessly across all of your devices without sacrificing function for form. 

The creators of this app believe that Facebook Messenger has become too cluttered, making it difficult for people to communicate with each other without being bombarded by notifications about what their friends are doing. They’ve set out to reclaim some of the simplicity that

Download WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK  v1.93 For Android

App NameWhatsApp Plus Reborn
Size23 MB
Requirement Android 4 or higher
Last Link UpdateToday


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The WhatsApp Plus Reborn app offers a variety of upgrades, including the ability to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. In addition, the images you submit should not lose the original picture’s resolution.

The app allows you to send video and audio messages to your contacts, as well as participate in group chats with members of up to 50 people. It features more emojis than the original application, as well as several layouts and themes. You can also modify the shade of the notification symbol, conceal your online status, or take a screenshot of any existing image on your device.

How to install WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

To install the app, you can either download it directly from your device’s browser or, if you are using a computer, download the APK file to your computer and then transfer it to your device. Once on your device, you can launch the APK file like any other application.

To set up the app, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Go to Settings 

2. Activate “Unknown Sources” 

3. Locate the APK file on your device 

4. Launch the file and follow the directions 

5. Disable “Unknown Sources” (optional but recommended)


In 2016, WhatsApp Plus Reborn was released publicly. Although it was popular initially, the app was overshadowed by GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp+ JiMODs, YOWhatsApp, and other similar apps. Facebook’s purchase of the original WhatsApp also overrode it.

However, the WhatsApp APK business remained competitive, as a range of modifications were developed to meet the desire for new features. The mods began to add more features until the best of the best are filled with features over features over features–endless indeed.

WhatsApp has been known to ban users who have installed modified versions of its app. Such users risk losing access to WhatsApp altogether. That’s why you should not use the app by itself, and utilize it with a different account number than your primary one to avoid the risk of losing your access to WhatsApp.

Despite the rise of numerous feature-powered WhatsApp mods, including WhatsApp Plus Reborn, one of the oldest and most popular mods, WhatsApp Plus Reborn continues to stay in the game. Download the APK and try it out for yourself.

You may download the app from the link provided on this page. If you have any questions, simply write in the comments below. 

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