WhatsApp: New Video Feature Available For Android and iOS

WhatsApp: New Video Feature Available For Android and iOS.

In the wake of the Corona crisis, the video conferencing service Zoom surprisingly became the best-known online network. Facebook is now catching up and brings its own Messenger Rooms service. Video conferences of up to 50 participants can be carried out there. The application has been available to all users worldwide since May 14th.

Use is similar to that of Zoom: the organizer sends a web link that other participants can use to join the conference. This simple process helped Zoom to get from 10 million to 300 million users a day in the corona crisis.

The New Video Chat Has Also Been Integrated Into WhatsApp

A so-called room can be created using the paper clip with which users share pictures or the location. In the caller menu itself, a small icon for creating a “room” is now visible at the bottom right above the usual call symbol.

The messenger rolls out the feature piece by piece. If you are not yet able to use the innovation, the Rooms shortcut should also land on your smartphone in the next few days.

The new feature is also integrated into the web version of WhatsApp.The new feature is also integrated into the web version of WhatsApp.

Messenger Rooms: Do I Have To Be a Facebook User To Participate?

Afterward, all versions will be notified that the user should continue on Facebook Messenger. A Facebook account appears to be needed to create a video chat, as can be seen in the WhatsApp FAQs on the function of the room.

Users can join the chat even if they don’t have an active Facebook account. You can open the created room in WhatsApp, Instagram Messenger, or Facebook Messenger and, if no Facebook account can be linked, you have to enter your name. You can participate as a guest or under the name you entered.

Facebook meanwhile ensures that data from the Rooms video chat is not used for personalized advertising. At the same time, users should be shown chat rooms of their Facebook friends in which they might be interested.

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