How To (Fix or Solve) 403 Forbidden Error

403 Forbidden error - 5 Ways to Fix it

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In this guide, we’re going to get over with 403 Forbidden Error. 

So, what is a 403 Forbidden error, and how to fix it? 

You must have seen this number while browsing, actually…

“403 Forbidden Error” is a hypertext transfer protocol response a user receives.

And you are seeing this message on the screen while surfing because you are not authorized to visit a particular URL or website. 

Let’s glimpse into the depth of this 403 error, like what mean by 403 Forbidden error? And how can you fix it? 

But before heading to the solutions to fix this issue, I would like you to check out its definition.

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What is 403 Forbidden Error? 

“403 Forbidden error is a piece of HTTP code appearing on screen on web browsers when users are denied access to a website.”

Here are a couple of different messages appearing on the computer showing a 403 Forbidden error issue. 

Access Denied You don't have permission to access

Forbidden: You don't have permission

403 error: Access Denied 

403 forbidden request Forbidden 

You don't have permission to access this page: 403 error 

Reason Behind 403 Forbidden error 

The most common reason behind the 403 error is the targeted website does not want you to access it. And that’s why they show these messages when you try to enter the URL. 

Here are other reasons behind the 403 Forbidden error:- 

Geographically Restricted Content 

Some websites are not available at all places, meaning you could not access the content of the website that is geographically restricted to your location. 

IP Address is Blocked 

Another reason behind 403 Forbidden error is the IP address has been blocked and you can not have excess access to the website if you’re not using a proxy. Though using a proxy may or may not solve the issue. 

Contents That are Not Legal  

You must have seen many illegal movie sites showing 403 Forbidden error when users click to the URL on SERPs because officials have blocked those sites because of copyright infringement. 

Content Only for Private Users 

Many libraries and schools around the world are conducting online classes, and those classes are password protected. 

If you are not an official student or member of that school or institute and trying to login again and again with false credentials, your browser might show 403 error messages. 

How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error 

When you are getting this error on web browsers, you could think of a practicable way to fix it, and still no one can’t be sure of it. 

Here we have listed down a few of the different methods to solve 403 error issues. 

Directly Contact the Company 

If you’re facing the issue, you’re not alone. There are others too looking for the fixes. 

One way is to contact the company whose website is showing 403 Forbidden error and tell them about the situation. 


How would you get the contact information of a website that does not allow you to access it? 

Even though you don’t have access, you could use Hunter to find email addresses by the domain name. 

Clear Browsing Data 

Clearing browsing data might help you solve 403 Forbidden errors by clearing cache files and stored data.

Although chances are low in this regard, but…

Before clearing the browser’s data, make sure you don’t wipe out saved passwords. 

Internet Service Provider will Help You 

If you are getting the 403 on multiple websites, this is the actual issue with your internet and you have to solve this. 

Now, call your Internet Service Provider for help, as there might be cases where your IP is blacklisted by those sites. That’s why you can’t access it. 

Deactivate Browsers Plugins 

You won’t believe this but the website may deny you access because of active browsers plugins, maybe you are using some kind of VPN or proxy extensions. Consider disabling them to see if it’s working. 

Disable Firewall 

You know, this might be very odd to hear this, but your Firewall might be the culprit behind the problem you’re facing. 

Disable Firewall if you’re sure enough about your PC’s protection and try reloading the targeted page again. 


So we have discussed how to solve 403 Forbidden errors with five different methods. 


We have considered you a general user who is denied access to a website 403 error written on it.

If you are a website owner and looking for a solution for your WordPress website, read about 403 Forbidden errors on Hostinger’s page.

There they have perfectly explained the solutions, which are easy to understand. 

And, as for Non-WordPress cases, we have done our part. 

So, did it help you? 

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