Your Twitch Videos Can Be Removed By The Company Itself: Know Here

Your Twitch Videos Can Be Removed Due To ©️

Twitch may remove your videos from their platform. The website for streaming video games gives multiple warnings on the use of copyrighted music for several days. The accusation that some users are violating is the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

This information is not denied by Twitch itself. He warned on 8 June that “a sudden inflow of requests to withdraw DMCA for background music clips for the period 2017-2019” had been received by the company and added that that situation is unprecedented. 

It’s the first time we’ve received massive DMCA clip complaints,” Twitch said. 

According to the DMCA, copyright holders may submit a copyright violation to a website, which must then respond. Several scenarios arise in the case of Twitch. You may cut the music or delete the video. 

The user can be permanently banned from the platform if there are multiple violations. However, some procedures users have to follow to appeal the penalty.

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