Top 5 Best PSP Emulators for Android (in 2020)

PSP Emulators for Android

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PSP Emulators let you play favorite Play Station games on your android smartphones.

Good news for those who can’t afford to buy Play Station for themselves. 

Plus who wants to just take a glimpse of Play Station; Not wasting time playing games.  

Believe me, I would like to be in the former category.

You tell me. 

Who doesn’t want to play those amazing games? 

I guess everyone wants to! 

That’s why I have listed down 5 Best PSP Emulators for your android smartphone. 

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Top PSP Emulators for Android 

But there’s always a catch using an alternative. 

Like in this case…

You won’t be able to run all PSP games on the emulator but still, you have enough countless games to play. 

Wondering how it works? 

It’s simple; your device is going to act like PlayStation while you’re running the game. 

Let’s begin then.  



PPSSPP is the highly-rated PSP emulator on Google Play Store. No doubt why it should be your first choice. 

Not only, you can learn your favorite PSP games.  

You are getting a few extra features too. 

Run as many games as you want but till your device supports them. 

You won’t find any games after downloading the application, to run games you have to turn PSP games into.ISO or.CSO files. (Put them in your SD card)

I suppose there’s enough tutorial on YouTube on how to do that. 

Price: Free | Premium Gold 



Run PlayStation games flawlessly using the RetroArch emulator. 

You can do more using the application. Like getting a database collection of every game, Remapping, Apply game cheats, playing multiplayer games. Much more! 

If you look at the reviews you might not want to download the application. 

But those reviews are given by those, who don’t know how to use the application. It might look messy at first, but after using it for a considerable time, you’ll get used to it. 

Price: Free 

Rapid PSP Emulator

Rapid PSP

Rapid PSP Emulator downloads PSP games using Universal Media Disc (UMD). 

You can play all games (your device supports) on PS2, PS3, and PS4. 

You can emulate hundreds of PlayStation games, fluid gameplay, FPS configuration, support PSP homebrew, etc.

Plus, unlike RetroArch, it is user-friendly. 

No need to buy tons of PSP games, you’ll find all it here.

Price: Free 

Rocket PSP Emulator

Rocket PSP

Rocket PSP Emulator is one of the best PSP Emulators to run PSP games on Android devices

It works just fine. You can play any PSP console or PC game you want. 

The best thing is that if you have a low-end device, you still run the games without much lag. 

Supports more than one controller, adjustable graphics, high-quality output sound, amazing gameplay, etc are some of its features.

Price: Free

Free PSP Emulator 

Free PSP Emulator

Play PSP ISO games for free using Free PSP Emulator.

Just like other emulators, you can play 90% of PSP games in high quality; using NEON Acceleration. 

You’ll not find any PSP games but they have helpful guides on how to download them. 

If you have a powerful gaming device, you can play games at 1080p. 

So, if you’re looking for an amazing tool to play PSP games with high-quality sound, this one’s for you. 

Price: Free


So these were 5 top PSP Emulators to use on your Android device. 

Among them, PPSSPP is the best one to choose from. While others are also good. But in devices, you may face some problems, like running a heavy game on a low-end device. 

Try two or more tools and pick the best one for you. 

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