Project Cars 3: The Realistic Game is Announced With The Launch For 2020

Project Cars 3: The Realistic Game is Announced With The Launch For 2020.

Project Cars 3 was announced for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and PC, scheduled for release in 2020. On Wednesday (3), the producer Slightly Mad revealed the first trailer for the game, which shows the realism of the vehicles and displays some of the new game’s clues – including the Brazilian Interlagos. The “S do Senna” section, a famous curve named after the pilot Ayrton Senna appears in the presentation video.

Project Cars 3 Features 

According to the producer, Project Cars 3 promises to be a major revolution for the series. Now players have a career mode that allows them to evolve and gain experience for 10 classes of cars. The user can also skip some stages, paying a certain amount of fictitious money obtained from his performance within the game.

Another great new feature of Project Cars 3 will be the focus on multiplayer, with several improvements. There will be three main modes: Quick game, which puts the player in any game; Scheduled events, which allows you to run events created by the game producer at special events; and Custom Rooms, which lets you choose a game lobby and invite users to participate.

Project Cars 3 should also have an extensive level of vehicle customization, never seen before in a game in the series, with modifications to the smallest details. More information about the game should be revealed by the end of the year.

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