Panasonic Launches Two of its First True Wireless Earphones

Panasonic Launches Two of its First True Wireless Earphones.

Panasonic officially jumped into the realm of truly wireless earphones through two products named RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W. Introduced at CES in January, the two devices actually pack technology and design similar to the product from Panasonic’s sub-brand, Technics EAH-AZ70W.

Between the two, the S500W is a superior model thanks to the active noise-canceling (ANC) feature. Not just any ANC, but which is hybrid, which is believed to be able to eliminate the intruder noise from outside as well as from within, so that the sound isolation is really maximal.

The noise-canceling intensity can also be adjusted to 50 levels, and Panasonic does not forget to provide it with an ambient mode that is useful when the user wants to check the situation around without the need to remove the earphone from the ear.

The S500W packs an 8 mm diameter driver and the battery is believed to last up to 6 hours of use (a total of 20 hours when combined with the donating power of its charging case).

The S300W on the other hand is not equipped with ANC, but its dimensions are extraordinarily concise, with a diameter of no more than 17 mm. Although small, the S300W is still capable of carrying a 6 mm driver along with a battery that can last up to 5 hours of use (a total of 20 hours if combined with the case).

Despite the absence of the ANC, the S300W has many similarities with its more expensive sister. Starting from the body splash resistant with IPX4 certification, premium quality microphones, compatibility with Siri and Google Assistant (Alexa following), until a stable connection thanks to its ability to connect to devices separately between the left and right units.

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