This Nintendo Switch Update Fixes a Very Annoying Bug: Know Here

This Nintendo Switch Update Fixes a Very Annoying Big: Know Here

The Nintendo Switch gets a new firmware update. This is aimed at correcting a bug that annoyed many gamers for a long time. Here you can learn exactly what it is about.

Attention Nintendo Switch fans and users: The Japanese console manufacturer has released an update. Numerous Nintendo Switch updates have come in recently and have enhanced the console and gaming. Now version 10.0.4 came. We will show you exactly what the current outcome brings and where it was worked.

Nintendo Switch Update: This New Feature Fixes a Bug

Updates 10.0.1, 10.0.2, and 10.0.3 already brought some improvements in terms of system stability. Among other things, the buttons could be redefined and singly, and manual movement of data onto the microSD card was also possible after the change. 

This time, an annoying bug, to the thrill of many Nintendo Switch games has been fixed. Specifically, it is about a problem that often occurred in the eShop.

What Does This Mean For Nintendo Switch Users?

A statement from Nintendo said: “We fixed the problem that in some countries or regions it was not possible to deposit money with a new credit card or to store credit card information in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch”.

Exactly which countries or regions are affected is not explicitly mentioned. If you were still affected, it should work fine now.

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