Microsoft Browser Now Comes For Everyone: Mini-Update Brings it Immediately to Windows 10

Microsoft Browser Now Comes For Everyone: Mini-Update Brings it Immediately to Windows 10.

Microsoft started distributing the new Chromium-based Edge browser in February. However, the new browser is not an integral part of Windows 10 2004. Now it comes to all supported Windows 10 versions with a mini-update. If you don’t want the new Edge Browser, you can block it with a Microsoft tool.

Microsoft is replacing its standard browser edge on Windows 10 with a new edge-based on Chromium technology. Already in February, it had been announced that the new version would be available on all Windows 10 computers from version 1803 via Windows update. The announced update for all users of Windows 10 from this version has now been started by Microsoft.

The final version of the browser has been available for a long time, impatient people have been able to install it manually since the beginning of the year. The new Edge is offered as an optional package via Windows Update (KB4541302) on existing Windows 10 systems. If you install the update, all links to Edge under Windows 10 are changed to the new version.

New Edge Not in Windows 10 2004: Update Installs it After

It is not known why Microsoft is not permanently installing its new browser in the upcoming Windows 10 2004. At least Microsoft has not officially commented on it. But Microsoft is also currently distributing a small update for the browser for the recently released Windows 10 2004.

It operates as KB4559309 and, like the older Windows versions, also exchanges the old Edge for the new Edge Chromium. If you have already installed the new browser manually, the update will not show.

Edge Chromium Blocker Allows Manual Updates

However, there are some users who prefer to do without the new Edge. Microsoft accommodates these and offers a tool that blocks automatic updates from Edge. The Microsoft Edge Chromium Blocker Toolkit allows the browser update to be blocked locally or on other computers in the network. According to Microsoft, the software is primarily intended for companies, but private users can also use the tool.

The blocker is compatible with Windows 10 from version 1803. Manual installation for Edge does not prevent the tool, so users can update to a newer version at any time. The Microsoft Edge Chromium Blocker Toolkit is provided as an executable file. The download includes four files, including the command file.

This creates an entry in the registry that prevents the download and installation of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. The command script can be run with parameters, for example,e to block Edge on other computers in the network.

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