iPhone Update Triggers Irritating Display Problem: Know Here

iPhone Update Triggers Irritating Display Problem: Know Here

After an iPhone update, more and more users complain about an unnecessary problem. It also has really disturbing effects.

More and more users complain about a display problem after performing a new iPhone update. The reports are piling up on Reddit, in tech forums, and also on social media. This somewhat annoying problem results in a neat rat tail for Apple users.

iPhone Update Triggers Annoying Display Problem

If you’ve recently updated your iPhone, you may be experiencing this issue soon. If your screen suddenly shines in a swampy color after an update, this should not be the case. For some users, the problem only occurs in poor lighting, while others report that they were only temporarily affected. But other users now have the annoying display problem permanently.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in particular are most often affected by the problem that the iPhone updates triggers. But it should also make itself felt on the iPhone X. The devices all have an OLED display in common. 

As Macrumors reports, the problem initially only occurred with iOS 13.4. But the iPhone updates for iOS 13.5 and iOS 13.5.1 are said to have worsened. Even buyers who have just bought their device are said to have to struggle with the strange display color.

How Can The Display Error Be Solved?

Since most reports suggest that it is related to an operating system error, Apple should be able to fix the problem with a new iPhone update. But obviously, it seems to go beyond that. Because some users have taken a screenshot and opened it on another device. No swampy color can be seen there.

Apple accepted the problem as a hardware failure by some users. Because with them, a new display is now due, which is replaced as part of the guarantee. It is believed that it is a combination of software and hardware failure. However, only certain OLED displays seem to be affected by this.

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