How To Hide/Block Caller ID on Android or iPhone 2020

How To Hide or Block Caller ID on Android or iPhone 2020

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Hiding your caller ID helps you to shield your privacy in many ways. 

You may be in a condition of whether to trust someone else or not, it may be a person whom you are calling, or reaching out to the company through a phone call. 

In those situations hiding your caller ID on your Android or iPhone helps you to keep your privacy safe from the wrong hands. 

After all, you don’t want to share who you are through your Caller ID. 

But blocking your caller ID hides the Identification of yourself on every call you make.

Maybe someone who knows you might not attend your call. But there is still a loophole that counters that. 

We’ll now show you some good ways to block/hide caller ID on Android or iPhone — Whatever device you are using. 

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How To Hide/Block Caller ID on Android or iPhone 2020 by EINSSTARK

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Hide Caller ID Directly Through Your Service Provider 

Reaching out to your cell carrier and asking them to block your caller ID is the best thing you can do to protect your privacy. 

Sometimes you may not find any options or ways to block your caller ID on Android or iPhone or Cell, but you can block/hide your caller ID through your cell carriers. 

Most cell carriers have their own apps on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. And most of them have options to hide/block your number while making an outgoing call.

If you’re not finding any options concerning that, you have to call them directly and ask them to block your caller ID. 

How to Block/Hide Caller ID on Android 

Not all Android devices have the functionality of Blocking-Hiding caller IDs. This may differ from Android to Android – We are addressing Android Versions. 

But in newer Android versions you may find the options to execute the task. 

Follow the steps to Block/Hide caller ID on Android device:- 

  1. Click Dial App.
  2. At the top right corner, choose Settings.
  3. Click Carrier Call Settings.
  4. Choose Additional Settings.
  5. Now, choose My Number.
  6. Finally, Click Hide Number.
How to Block/Hide Caller ID on Android

Now you’re done on Android Device.

Next, let’s see how to do the same on the iPhone. 

How to Block/Hide Caller ID on iPhone 

Unlike Android, hiding your Caller ID on the iPhone is quite an easy task to do. 

Let’s see how to hide/block caller ID on iPhone:-

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down, choose Phone option. 
  3. Click Show my Caller ID. 
  4. Finally, unclick to toggle

If you have blocked your caller ID, you can temporarily unblock your caller ID by typing *82 before every call you make. This will undo the changes you have made. 

Dial *67 Before a Number You Want to Call 

You may Dial *67 before every phone call you make to hide your caller ID. 

This method is very selective as you know who should see your caller ID or who should not.

You may copy the number you want to dial and paste it on the Dial area adding *67 before the number or you could do it manually. 

But if you want to block/hide caller ID for every single call you make, consider applying other options as shown above. 

Is it possible to Block/Hide at All? 

We don’t think so. 

You may use all options on this post to hide your identity while making any outgoing calls, most of them will definitely work for you.

But someone still can see your ID even after you have wished not to show it. Like 911, or any other agencies. 

Additionally, there are quality third party apps or software available that can reveal your caller ID in seconds. 

But still, if you want to take forethoughts, following the steps above is the best option available.

If you know any other method to hide caller ID on Android or iPhone, comment below!

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