How To Get Netflix For Free in 2020

Get Netflix For Free

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Netflix is an online streaming service with a bunch of incredible content. You can watch tons of movies and tv shows that are hard to find on other platforms. 

Although due to its costly membership, not everyone can afford Netflix forever. However, there are still a few ways to get Netflix for free without much effort. 

Getting a free Netflix account is not a big deal, so in this post, I’ll be discussing how you can get a free Netflix account, of course in a legit way. 

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How To Get Free Netflix Account 2020

These are the few tips to get a free Netflix account in a legit way. Free account means you don’t have to pay a penny from your pockets for the subscription. Let’s discuss…

1. Sharing Netflix Accounts With Friends or Family

There are four different subscription plans available on Netflix. The basic plan allows you to only watch one show or movie at a time. That’s not the case with standard and premium plans, they let you watch multiple movies and shows at the same time. 

Although just like a premium plan, the standard plan does not allow you to watch in HD quality. Sharing accounts with friends or families is the best way to watch Netflix for free. It’s obvious that they must trust you, there’s no doubt in saying this thing. 

How To Share Your Netflix Account

Netflix lets you create 5 different Netflix profiles, each of them is yours and you may share it with others as well. Sharing your Netflix account with another person will not mix their recommendations with yours.

Here’s how to do that: 

  • Select the USER ICON in the upper right corner. 
  • Tap on ADD PROFILE
  • Enter the NAME of your new profile
  • Select DONE 

2. Netflix 30 Days Free Trial

Netflix has a 30-days free trial option, which offers you a new account for the next 30 days just like a paid subscriber. You won’t have to spend any money to watch unlimited tv shows and movies. They won’t charge you, no hidden costs – nothing. 

How To Get Netflix 30 Days Free Trial 

Here’s how to do that: 

  • Navigate to NETFLIX.COM
  • Click 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL 
  • Choose PLANS
  • Select CONTINUE
  • Now, choose PAYMENT METHODS 

Now you can use Netflix without any cost for the next 30 days, but don’t forget to cancel the free trial before it ends to avoid any charges. 

How To Cancel Netflix 30 Days Free Trial 

Here’s how to do that: 

  • Select your PROFILE 
  • Select ACCOUNT 

Even after cancellation, you may reactivate the trial if you wish to do it. 

3. How To Get Unlimited Free Trials on Netflix

In reality, there is nothing like unlimited free trials on Netflix, that’s how they have developed their trail system. If you have used a 30-day free trial before, they have your email address along with your payment information. 

Means to get another trial you now have to use a different email address plus different payment information. If you have one credit card, debit card, and PayPal you can enjoy Netflix Free Trial for the next 90 days. As always, don’t forget to cancel your subscription to avoid unwanted charges. 

If you have canceled the free Netflix trial subscriptions, sometimes Netflix emails you asking if you want another free trial, this is based entirely on your good luck. If you get the email, you can enjoy Netflix for another 30 days.

4. How to Get Free Netflix Perk 

Some Companies like cell phone providers and cable authorities offer free Netflix account if you buy a product from them. For many, it seems an illogical idea to offer Netflix if customers buy a product. 

However, if you’re new in cell phone companies or cable providers you may offer your customers free accounts as a promotion to get more sales. This makes a little impact on their minds.

5. How to Get Netflix Cookies

Cookies are files generated by web browsers that record data including your login information. That means if you have already signed up to a particular website, on your next visit you don’t have to login again.

Netflix also uses cookies to store login details, for god’s sake you have access to the browser cookies.

Here’s how it works to use Netflix…

If your friend has a Netflix account and he may share his Netflix browser cookies with you, after getting those cookies you may enter his Netflix account using your browser no matter what’s your location. 

Here’s the SCAM: Many websites offer free Netflix browser cookies but rarely it works. It’s just a waste of your time if you search Netflix Cookies on google.


These were a few of the best ways to watch Netflix for free. I think sharing an account with families and friends and using Netflix browser cookies is the best way to watch unlimited movies and tv series on Netflix.

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