How to Fix WhatsApp Connection Problem on Android or iPhone [100%]

Fix WhatsApp Network Connection Problem

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In this guide, I will discuss the best ways to solve the network connection problems in WhatsApp, both for Android or iPhone

So, you have just started WhatsApp and it is showing notifications synonymous to “can’t connect to WhatsApp right now” or ” Network issue” or any other similar error on the screen. 

It is showing because of your internet connection or maybe the problem is hidden beneath your device. 

Solve WhatsApp Network Connection Issue 

No need to “uninstall” or “reinstall” WhatsApp again on your device. 

Here are some common fixes:-

Update WhatsApp to the latest version

If you’re using some old version of WhatsApp, it’s common to receive error messages like this. Make sure you’re using an updated version of the App. 

Turn on and off airplane mode

Turning Airplane mode on Android or iPhone might solve the WhatsApp network connection by refreshing internet speed and network. 

Check your Wifi-Router 

Make sure Wifi-Router if it’s working normally, reboot it to fix the issue. 

Upgrade the device to the latest operating system

If it is not an application issue, you may want to upgrade your OS to the latest version to make installed apps work properly. 

Turn background data usage on 

Always allow WhatsApp to use data even if you are or using it. You may discover additional issues related to “not receiving any messages of calls”. 

Here’s how to allow WhatsApp to use background data:- 

  • Open your phone’s Settings 
  • Tap Apps & notifications
  • Choose WhatsApp
  • Tap, Data usage
  • Now, turn background data on

Reset APN settings 

If you have recently configured APN settings on your Android or iOS device. Might you have assigned it ” in a wrong way”. Just click the “reset” option for default APN settings. 

So these were few of the best fixes to solve the “WhatsApp Network Connection Problem”. 

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