How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

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If you are experiencing Netflix error code nw-2-5, it is because of the network connectivity issue that deters your device connecting to Netflix service. 

It might be because something is not letting your device connect to the internet, or it is a network issue that needs to work out to fix Netflix code nw-2-5.

Here’s how Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 look like:- 

Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds. Code: NW-2-5

Let’s see how to fix the code nw-2-5 on different devices like Blu-ray Player, Smart Tv, Xbox, etc. 

Fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 on Xbox One 

Slower internet speed often shows error code on Xbox One, if you’re using cellular data it’s best to use high-speed internet by using routers. 

Configure Xbox’s DNS settings 

Sometimes resetting solves the network connectivity problem. Make sure you have correctly configured the Xbox’s DNS Settings. 

Here’s how to do that: 

  1. Press ‘Menu’
  2. Select ‘Settings’ 
  3. Select ‘Network’
  4. Now select ‘Network Settings’
  5. Go to ‘Advanced Settings’
  6. Tap ‘DNS Settings’
  7. Select ‘Automatic’

Restart your home network 

Mark sure to unplug your devices like video game consoles and others for at least 1 minute before connecting them back again. 

  1. Turn off or unplug your video game console.
  2. Unplug your modem from power for 60 seconds.
  3. Plug them again.
  4. Now, try Netflix on Xbox One again.

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Fix Netflix Code NW-2-5 on Blu-ray Player

Slower internet might show NW-2-5 error on Blu-ray Players. You can test your internet connection speed by testing other apps or services. 

Restart your device

  1. Unplug your device for at least 60 seconds.
  2. Plug again.
  3. Turn your device on.
  4. Try Netflix.

Connect directly to your modem 

If you’re connected to a wireless router which connected to your modem, connecting the device directly to the modem eliminates the wireless as the cause of the NW-2-5 error code. 

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Connect a device directly to modem using Ethernet cable.
  3. Now unplug for at least 60 seconds. 
  4. Plugin again.
  5. Try Netflix again.

Fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 on Smart TV 

Below are two distinct ways to fix Netflix error code on your smart tv. 

Improve WiFi signal 

Improving WiFi Signal is crucial to solving the error code problem, you can do the same by moving your router to a new location. Removing other wireless dives away from the router as they may create interference. If possible, place your router to the highest point of your home. 

Connect smart tv directly to the modem

If you’re connected to a wireless router that linked with the modem, connecting the smart TV directly to the modem eliminates the wireless as the cause of the NW-2-5 error code. 

  1. Unplug your smart TV.
  2. By using Ethernet cable, plug your smart TV directly into your modem.
  3. Unplug your modem from power for at least 60 seconds, then plug it back.
  4. Turn on Smart TV and try Netflix again. 

Fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 on PS3 

Configuring the DNS setting of PlayStation may solve the NW-2-5 error code problem. The below setting applies to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Check DNS settings

  1. From the PS3 or PS4 main menu, navigate to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Network’
  3. Select ‘Set Up Internet Connection’
  4. Choose either ‘Use Wi-Fi’ or ‘Use a LAN’ Cable depending on your connection method.
  5. Tap on ‘Automatic’ for ‘IP Address Settings’
  6. Select ‘Do Not Specify’ for ‘DHCP Host Name’
  7. Now, again select ‘Automatic’ for ‘DNS Settings’
  8. Choose ‘Automatic’ again for ‘MTU Settings’
  9. Select ‘Do Not Use’ for ‘Proxy Server’
  10. Select ‘Test Connection’

After selecting ‘Test Connection’, if it is successful, try Netflix again.


So, these were few tips to fix Netflix Code NW-2-5 on unique devices. Mostly are because of internet connection speed. Make sure it’s properly working.

If you have finished all the steps above but are yet having a problem connecting to Netflix, you may wish to get your internet service provider for help. Please try nothing else, you might end up creating more problems for yourself.

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